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Very Short Wedding Toasts :: Wedding Toasts Roasts Speeches

Very Short Wedding ToastsThe Light that ShinesThere is a light that shines beyond the heavensthis is the light that shines in your heart when you are in love.May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp and placidity in your heart Eskimo ProverbThe Days of your LifeMay you live all the days of your life. Jonathan SwiftFrom this Day ForwardMay the face of both good news,And the back of every bad news,Be toward you,From this day forward.No SorrowMay the goblets of life hold no dregs of sorrow.Happy EndingsI love weddings. They are where strange tales begin and happy endings are possible.Your Grandchildrens HairMay I see you greyAnd combing your grandchildrens hair.Your beneficial HandMay your right hand always Be stretched out in friendshipAnd never in want.LuckAlways remember, if youre comme il faut lucky to be married to _______,then youre lucky enoughMisfortuneMay misfortune follow you the rest of your life, but never vex up.Mountain GirlMarry a mountain girl and you ma rry the whole mountain.The Bannister of LifeAs you and your wife slide down the banister of life,May the splinters never point the wrong way.Your LaughMay your laugh, your love and your wine be plenty, thus your happiness will be naught less.Your Enemies, Enemies.May God bless and keep in good health your enemies, enemies.

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The First Red Scare Essay -- American History

As World War I was heading towards its end Russia was focusing on internal issues. direct by Vladimir Lenin the Bolsheviks embarked on a campaign against the war. Using propaganda which foc utilise on trying to turn the allied troops against their officers Lenin looked to inspire a socialist revolution. The Bolsheviks were excessively fueled by the poor conditions of the Russian Army. Nicholas II, in a letter to his wife Alexandra, admitted the obstacles that the Russian Army faced, Again that cursed question of shortage of gas pedal and rifle ammunition - it stands in the way of an energetic advance. Czar Nicholas tried to deny the fact that his Army was in no condition to continue the fight. Lenin and the Bolsheviks used this information to gain the support of the Russian people who had grown to resent Russian involvement in the war. With the constant failures the Russian military faced the Bolsheviks took this probability to take bodily process. On 25 October 1917 the Lenin -led Bolsheviks seized control of the Russian government. This Russian revolution had little effect on America until 1919. With the war over Americans began to focus more than on domestic matters, the biggest issue being the fear of communism in the United States. 1919 Marked the beginning of the first Red Scare. This was a period of total fear of communism in America. One of the main missions of the Bolsheviks was to spread Communism around the world. Americans, against the idea of government controlling every aspect of its citizens lives, took any action they could to prevent it from spreading to the United States. The main leader of this state of hysteria was A. Mitchell Palmer, President Wilsons Attorney General. Palmer feared that communist agents were trying to infiltrat... ...o the statement that America will do anything it feels is necessary to insure the survival of the American lifestyle.BibliographyPrimaryHale, Swinburne. Raids, Deportations, and Palmerism. New Files. Oct. 1921. 08 Apr. 2007 .Red Scare or Red Menace. Spartacus. 27 Feb. 2007 .Russia and the First World War. Spartacus. 27 Feb. 2007 . second-stringBurnett, Paul. The Red Scare. Famous Trials. 2000. 05 Apr. 2007 .Chinese Exclusion Act. Vincent Ferraro. Mount Holyoke College. 27 Feb. 2007 .Fariello, Griffin. Red Scare Memories of the American Inquisition. New York Norton, 1995.Murray, Robert K. Red Scare a Study of internal Hysteria, 1919-1920. West Port Greenwood Pub Group, 1980.Schmidt, Regin. Red Scare FBI and the Origins of Anticommunismin the United States, 1919-1943. Denmark Copenhagen Museum Tusculanum P, 2000.

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Product Evaluation: A Hairdryer Essay -- Papers

Product Evaluation A Hairdryer Introduction. I am a 4th year student in St Patricks Grammar school Downpatrick studying technology and public figure for my GCSE. I must do two foc utilize tasks, my first task is a product evaluation, for this task I will be evaluating a hairdryer make by Vidal Sassoon. Justification. I picked this appliance because It is a commonly used household object. I have this appliance in my house so I mess look at it whilst testing it against my specification. It is a unisex appliance used by all age groups. I am interested to find proscribed how this appliance actually works. It fits the criteria which is It must have an agent of control. It must have a power source. It must be a technological product. Safety. Plastic is used to make the casing of the hairdryer. Plastic is an excellent insulator which does not conduct electricity, heat and is also waterproof. It will not reshape with high temperatures. The electric element which is housed well inside the hairdryer does not come in contact with wet hair. An additional feature of this hairdryer is that it has an automatic safety cut-off facility. If there is any danger to the substance abuser or if it heats up above a certain temperature the trip switch located in the electric meter box switches. There are straightforwardly shaped grids at both ends of the appliance. These grids prevent hair from the user getting sucked inside the appliance. The grids also prevent dust from getting into the appliance and onto the element. The cable committed to the rear of the handle is well insulated. It is also quite flexible, which help... ...ed into shape. The heating element has to conduct electricity and heat, so it will be made of a desirable metal. This metal element/core, has to be able to be worked into complex shapes. So obviously it is going to be a light gauge metal and the cram conductor of electricity and heat. Through science, I know that copper is the best conductor of electricity, but the disadvantage is that it tends to be expensive. Aesthetics. The overall colour scheme is ash grey at the nozzle and maroon at the handle. The buttons and wiring are black. The plastic has a shiny high quality finish, it gets this from the compression moulding and the properties of the plastic. The metallic actual on the nozzle also has a high quality finish. The shape of the hairdryer is like a hand gun. All the edges on the hairdryer are curved.

Fuel Cells are The Future Energy Source Essay -- essays research paper

In a society that is capable of producing and consuming large amount of energy, we often take these nonrenewable resources for granted. It isnt until the last few decades that people begins to realize the effect of global warming. With more and more cars appearing on the road everyday, the fate of gasoline is greatly increasing. Fortunately, a new technology has been developed. It is believed to be the next replacement for gasoline and it would have a bun in the oven positive environmental impact. As you might have guessed, it is the give the sack cells.HistoryThe idea of fuel cells has actually been developed more than a century ago by William Robert Grove, thus it is not exactly a new development. Initial ideas with the fuel cells are to be apply in power plants. However, it isnt until recently, that detailed research has been conductedHow It WorksThere are divers(prenominal) types of fuel cells, the most common type involves hydrogen. Energy is released when two hydrogen ato ms are combined with an oxygen atom and it is potentially the energy that is used by the vehicle. As the two gases are storable, it makes it possible to be used in places upon request. EfficiencyUnlike fuel cells, many renewable resources are storable, but brook not provide enough energy. This makes fuel cells one of the very few replacements of gasoline. At the same time, fuel cells are more efficient than gasoline. It is estimated that around 40 to 50% of the energy generated through the process ordain actually be used by the fuel cells vehicle. However, having these two flammable gases in ones vehicle would make it far too dangerous if safety precautions arent properly taken. Other downsides to the fuel cells include the fact that if produced from water, it uses ... .... If governments decide to melt glaciers, it will only speed up global warming. Due to the fast change in our weather, more and more people are aware of global warming. Thus, promoting fuel cells vehicles will e ncourage politicians to take action to protect our environment. For the next fifty years, the environment will have a larger impact in governing as the change in temperature will affect peoples daily lives. It is predicted that a much larger budget will be used cut to compensate those who will be adjusting to the fuel cells technology.As this technology matures over the next decade, governments will put more stress on using fuel cells vehicles. The fuel cells market will expand to fulfill the idea of a hydrogen economy with an emission free and zero carbon emission. It is a promising invention with promising a future. However, only time one will tell.

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Bernoullis Principle and the Wing :: physics bernoulli principle

Well we all love flying in planes from 1 place to another but have you ever wondered how those large vehicles stay in the air? The answer of coarse is the wings. Now that you know that wings go by a plane aloft you are probably wondering how they work. Wings keep a plane in the air because of Bernoullis principle. In the following pages you will learn who Bernoulli was and how we can apply his principle to the wing model.Daniel Bernoulli ( 1700 - 1782 ), son of Johann II Bernoulli, was born in the Groningen, Netherlands. At the age of 13, Daniel was sent to Basel University to study philosophy and logic. later on he obtained his masters degree in philosophy at the age of sixteen. Although Daniel was interested mainly in mathematics, his father pushed him into the medical field where he could profit the most. Again, Daniel attended Basel and other colleges around Europe where he obtained his doctorate in medicine in 1720. While studying medicine in Venice, Daniel make his f irst hold up entitled Mathematical Exercises. Daniel soon became interested in fluid flow while working with the flow of blood and blood pressure. With the help of the famous scientist Euler, Daniel published his most famous book Hydrodynamica in 1738. In this book Daniel discusses equilibrium, pressure, and pelt along in fluids which led to Bernoullis principle. Read on to find out about his principle.The Bernoullis compare explains the how pressure and velocity are affected as liquid moves through a tube with segments of different area. The fundamental rule shown here is as the speed of a fluid increases, its pressure decreases. Now we can apply this rule to a wing traveling through air, otherwise known as an aerofoil. When an open is tilted upwards the air to a higher place the airfoil travels faster than the air below the airfoil because it has a greater distance to travel. The higher velocity above the airfoil creates a drop in pressure and the lower velocity below the airfoil creates an increase in pressure. This results in a push from the shadow otherwise known as lift. Since the wing is also angled upward a downward push is created from the trailing edge also pushing the airfoil upward. All of this allows a plane to fly. More efficient designs in wings have been made to allow maximum lift for different types of planes.

Bernoullis Principle and the Wing :: physics bernoulli principle

Well we all love flying in planes from i place to another but have you ever wondered how those large vehicles stay in the air? The answer of coarse is the wings. Now that you know that wings assert a plane aloft you are probably wondering how they work. Wings keep a plane in the air because of Bernoullis principle. In the following pages you bequeath learn who Bernoulli was and how we can apply his principle to the wing model.Daniel Bernoulli ( 1700 - 1782 ), son of Johann II Bernoulli, was born in the Groningen, Netherlands. At the age of 13, Daniel was sent to Basel University to study philosophy and logic. subsequently he obtained his masters degree in philosophy at the age of sixteen. Although Daniel was interested mainly in mathematics, his father pushed him into the medical field where he could profit the most. Again, Daniel tended to(p) Basel and other colleges around Europe where he obtained his doctorate in medicine in 1720. While studying medicine in Venice, Dan iel promulgated his first hold in entitled Mathematical Exercises. Daniel soon became interested in fluid flow while working with the flow of blood and blood pressure. With the help of the famous scientist Euler, Daniel published his most famous book Hydrodynamica in 1738. In this book Daniel discusses equilibrium, pressure, and reanimate in fluids which led to Bernoullis principle. Read on to find out about his principle.The Bernoullis comparability explains the how pressure and velocity are affected as liquid moves through a tube with segments of different area. The fundamental rule shown here is as the speed of a fluid increases, its pressure decreases. Now we can apply this rule to a wing traveling through air, otherwise known as an open. When an open is tilted upwards the air supra the airfoil travels faster than the air below the airfoil because it has a greater distance to travel. The higher velocity above the airfoil creates a drop in pressure and the lower veloc ity below the airfoil creates an increase in pressure. This results in a push from the after part otherwise known as lift. Since the wing is also angled upward a downward push is created from the trailing edge also pushing the airfoil upward. All of this allows a plane to fly. More efficient designs in wings have been made to allow maximum lift for different types of planes.

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Make Way Movie Brats Essay

In the late 1960s to late 1970s, as the veteran directors retired, a juvenile generation gradu e reallyy took their place. Associated with New Hollywood, these young and diverse directors, often in their late twenties and early thirties, were considered movie brats. These new directors Some of the much(prenominal) famed were Francis Ford Coppola, Stephen Spielberg, and George Lucas all of whom had an intense aw arness of film history, worked with quotations and remakes, and created exceedingly successful films. With an influx of new directors, it seemed fit that they would take over the industry entirely.However, director Robert Altman, natural rough twenty years earlier and being signifi coffin nailtly older than his movie brats successors, Altman remained essential to the industry. Post mid-1970s, it was less commonplace for efforts to be put toward maintaining Hollywood art cinema. The new directors were focusing on box- scoreice r chargeue and the production of both acti on-oriented and youth-oriented, blockbuster films with radiant special effects. Two films that demonstrated such qualities were Steven Spielbergs Jaws and George Lucass Star Wars. Altman persisted for efforts to be continued.He, as intumesce as new(prenominal) older directors like Paul Mazusky and Woody Allen, ventured into the American art cinema. Altman had to work at a rapid pace during the 1970s as he completed more than a dozen films. He also had to compete with the younger generation of Hollywood that was producing huge blockbuster hits. though earlier than stressful to create an action flick, Altman stayed true to his roots and produced films in the beginning based on the pieces emotions rather than p split. Two specific movies in which Altman emphasized shifts from objective reality and subjectivity of the character are Images and 3 Wowork force.In 1970, Altman directed M*A*S*H* a film praised for its uses of humor with a topic as heavy as the Korean War and for becomin g wiz of the highest grossing films of the year. However, Altmans films did non always prove to do exceedingly well at the box-office. McCabe and Mrs. Miller and The Long Goodbye created a few years later were mainly well received and proved to be moderate earners. His films That Cold Day in the Park, Brewster McCloud, and Thieves Like Us evidently all became box-office disappointments, even though the trinity generally received good reviews from novices.Although Altmans movies are non always top box-office earners, they are still habitually the subject of a rophy of critical attention. such(prenominal) is evident with his film Images where the movie didnt garner a lot of praise for Altman, even though the film might have been considered a period for other directors. It was released in the midst of the films McCabe and The Long and as mentivirtuosod precedingly, they were moderately successful. They received more acclaim and attention resulting in less appreciation of Imag es upon its release on-screen and its availableness in todays time.For this reason, the film can be compared to Francis Coppolas The Conversation. Although a great movie, it was merely considered to be a minor significance to Coppolas career coming between the crowd pleasers and box-office smash hits The Godfather and The Godfather 2. Images was shot in the wet autumn months of 1971 in Ireland. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival the following May. It was at that place that Susannah York won the award for best actress. York credited her role as Cathryn in the film as the role she is most proud of.Although taking theme an award, Cannes hearings were primarily confused. Images isnt the type of film an audience would feel sympathetic towards. Its fair complicated to follow and comes off as cold. However, its not as nearly as hard to comprehend as the first reviewers of the movie suggested. As film critic Roger Ebert states, The film is a technical success but not quite an emo tional one. Because Altman was a hot ticket item in 1971 with M*A*S*H* Columbia Pictures took the distribution rights of the film and entered it in the New York Film Festival.Unfortunately for Images, neither Vincent Canby nor Roger Greenspan ( twain dominant film critics for the New York Times) took up the movie to review. It was then left to Howard Thomson, a journalist and film critic for the New York Times nicknamed mishmash for writing brief reviews for films. Thomson made no exception for Images, leaving it only with an imperceptive review. The film never went on to have a traditional commercial release in America. fundamentally the film is about a childrens author and housewife Cathryn (Susannah York) who receives several phone calls on a gloomy night in her Lon entraper home.The voice on the other end is a young-bearing(prenominal) stating that Cathryns hubby Hugh (Rene Auberjonois) is having an affair with another woman. Hugh comes home eyesight his wife in grief and tries to comfort her. He vanishes and another man is shown acting as if he was her husband. Frightened at the sight, she screams and backs way, later seeing the figure change back into the image of her husband. Hugh feels that her angst is a result of stress and her budding pregnancy. He takes her to vacation at an isolated cottage in an exploit to relieve some stress. As she stays there, Cathryn dives farther into foreboding delusions as the stranger reappears.It becomes difficult for her to distinguish what is breatheing in reality and whats bonny release on her wit. Images shows a lot of subjectivity through its characters because of the extreme personas of the characters and the situations they are placed in. Cathryn begins hearing sounds and hallucinates constantly. She feels guilt sexually after envisioning encounters with two men that are not her husband. One is a sinister Frenchman who asked to be shot by Cathryn to exorcise his ghost. After he apparently falls dead, it is shown that her husbands expensive camera is all that was in reality shot.The other man is more realistic, portraying a neighbor whos infatuated with her and believes Cathryn has rape fantasies and of necessity strong care. She bares an attraction to him but also feels guilt. She eventually stabs the neighbor with a kitchen knife eventually killing him. The husband Hugh is relatively the only normal character of the film. He never completely comprehends the extent of his wifes mental horror. Truly having his wifes best interests in mind and acting as an basel husband, Hugh thought relocating her to a more isolated place would relieve her of woes.Hes a typical simple American who is addicted to heavy jokes. What Cathryn actually feels about him is only pointed at towards the last 20 minutes of the film where she tries killing off a ghost she incorrectly sees as her other self. Altmans introduction of his characters and plot comes off as him trying his hand at feminist tax. For one thing, theres barely any chances that dont revolve around the main protagonist Cathryn. Her character isnt compelling which somewhat dooms the film from the beginning. The male characters come across as jerks.Altmans goal seemed to make a point about the way movies objectify women, turning them into the images, the films title indicates, for the consumption of male viewers. After all, Cathryn is only a little more than something for the men in the film to enjoy. Cameras figure plainly in the films mise-en-scene. Her pointing and shooting a gun (a image of male power) is to date another example of Altmans use of gender associations. Although Altmans point is clear, it seems like he went about delivering the content in a cliched way. In terms of objective reality, ein truth image revealed rovides a lot of suspense and anticipation of what effect Altman will provide next.However it is somewhat difficult to find the reality as it is one of Altmans most abstract films. It is full of so much symbolism and images that it reflects the work of Bergman and Kubrik. These images consist of shimmering wet supply and tinkling ornaments. They are astonishing beautiful images cut often by shocks of Cathryns sensibilities. One daunting scene that does not occur in her head is when she is writing her story and watching ponies, but a dog and frantic sounds break the peacefulness.Altman wrote the film entirely, but the childrens story that accompanies some of the images was composed by Ms. York. This blends art and actuality. The film also has a wonderful use of color that separates the protagonist Cheryl from her ambience in a particularly unique and incomparable way. A few things that this movie can be credited for is its complete certain(a)ity and uniqueness. Images is a truly bizarre Altman film. For a filmmaker who characteristically produces works with large ensembles and overlying dialogue, Images feels more blunt and almost claustrophobic.One thing that makes it so different is that the visual style is more lyrical at some points while jag at the others. Another difference is that the dialog does not overlap. In charge of photography was Vilmos Zsigmond, one of the best cinematographers of the seventies and Altmans favorite cameraman at the time of production. He does an amazing job with his photography by remaining with the womans point of view while never suggesting at what is really going on. Altman added a clever touch to interchange the characters names with the actors that portray them.Susannah is played by actress Cathryn Harrison and Cathryn is played by actress Susannah York. Another shed of names is shown in the characters of three actors Hugh played by Rene Auberjonois, Rene played by Marcel Bozzuffi, and Marcel is played by Hugh Millai. Altmans demand of the audiences senses is both nontraditional and expert. The fragmented style applied to the movie will definitely not please all senses to each audience member. However it s humourous script, brave look at a twisted inner world, and the eerie atmosphere the film creates is enough to keep ones attention for the films entirety.If thats not enough, there is always the pleasure of watching characters played by phenomenal actors Altman is so famous for providing. American film critic and film/ life sentence historian Leonard Maltin described the film best in stating the film was difficult but fascinating and that it comes off as off-putting at first, but cost the effort to hang on. It is a definite must see for Altman admirers who want to see him in a new style. Altman doesnt worry about the defenses needed for his film, but rather simply creates a spiritual and poetic vision letting logic and caution fall in the depths of the films beauty.Whether or not Altman produced a commercial success, didnt change the pace at which he put forth films. Five years after Images was produced, Altman came out with the film 3 Women. The idea for the film came to Altma n in a dream. It was because of Allens success with filmmaking 20th Century Fox approved the movie before he had a definite script. Although it was original intention to film without a script, he eventually had one made before filming. This script was more like a blueprint, which he regularly did with previous films.The film centers around two women whose characters are in keen contrast with one another among their first encounters. The third woman the title hints at is a minor character but has a key supporting role, although not first recognized to the audience but gradually can be understood. Essentially the movie tells a story of three women whose characters change and merge, until finally, in the perplexing ending scene, switch roles. 3 Women, although praised for its uniqueness, was not very popular at the time. American audiences may not have even recognized its release at the time. Why you might wonder?A little movie directed by George Lucas bearing the name Star Wars was re leased in the same year. The three women the title hints at are Shelley Duvall, Sissy Spacek, and Janice Rule who live in the same flat complex in the desert of California. Duvall plays Mildred Millie Lammoreaux, who works as a physical therapist at a senior care center. She comes off as very confident about her charm and her appeal to men, even though the men she goes after openly mock her. little finger Rose, played by Spacek, is a young, naive, and wide-eyed woman from Texas who too gets a job at the senior center.With Millies roommate moving out, she is forced to find a new roommate, after accept the conditions, pinky becomes that new roommate. Rule plays the supporting yet vital role of Willie Hart, the pregnant wife of the landlord of the apartment complex. She gives off an incredibly poor aura as she moves with a gloomy silence, keeping isolated from other good deal. Willie is a muralist who makes visually appealing yet moderately unsettling murals one in which is painted at the base of the apartment pool depicting godlike creatures, absurd men, and women who annoy each other.The opening scene of the film reflects roles of each of the three women that women in general often play. Willie, the pregnant wife, represents a mother. From the mural she is painting in the pool, one can determine that she seems very sad. Millie reflects a teenager in that she is often very enkindle in the opposite sex. She is an odd character in that she obsessively gives recipes to others and tells them how she organizes them by the allotted time, even though no one seems to care. Pinky, when first introduced at the clinic, comes off instantly as immature and naive just like an average child.During lunch, she blows bubbles through a straw into her drink and later plays around in a wheelchair, pretending as if she was a patient. Along with making faces at the workers, she says to Millie, Youre the most perfect person Ive ever met, resembling a young child admiring their co oler older sister. As with Images, this film is also extremely subjective in terms of the characters. Each character has an excessive emphasis on their moods, attitudes, and opinions. on that points no subtly in any of the way the characters act.Millie, as explained in the previous paragraph, is portrayed as an annoying friend who talks excessively. Weve all experienced or know someone who has experienced a friend like this before, but someone having a personality as dramatic as Millie is just unusual. The audience quickly understands how desperate she is to find a man. Tom, a neighbor who works the grill during poolside dinners, is someone Millie fancies a lot but cant get attention from. She even tells Pinky that he has asked her out on dates but shes always been too busy to accept distinctly an act of desperation over someone she cares fantasizes about so deeply.During her lunch break she eats and sits with the doctors, consisting of only men, rather than her co-workers even th ough its more expensive. Her efforts are useless in that they still dont really acknowledge her. Her last hangout spot to socialize with men is a local anesthetic bar/ recreation area, owned by Edgar and bartended by his wife Willie. The boys too preoccupied with shooting at a gun range and riding bikes outback, provides yet another obstacle for Millie to find someone. Pinky too reflects the extreme of a personality behaving as some would call childlike.She is a withdrawn woman trying to begin a new life in California, refusing to go into specifics of her past life. The way she looks up to Millie after knowing her for less than a day is extremely odd. Most people emulate people, especially when they are the new one in town as Pinky was, when they are popular or are known for doing something good. They think by acting similar to that person, they will share that same sense of praise and popularity. Whats strange about Pinkys situation is that Millie isnt your ideal role model and is the complete opposite of a popular girl.Millie is more of the nerd thats oblivious to what other people truly think about her. It brings to the question, why would anyone want to duplicate Millie? Also, what made Pinky not want to keep her past life hidden? Altman was very creative in creating Willies character. Although Willie doesnt have many lines in the film, shown mostly with her paintings instead of with people, her supporting role is necessary for the flow of the movie. With a butch husband possessing such an extravagant personality, it wouldnt be hard to miss her character entirely.Although withdrawn from social interaction, it is made evident that she is still caring. After Pinky attempted to commit suicide by jumping into the apartment pool, Willie didnt hesitate to jump in and save her. Also in the final scene, even though Willie and Pinky were both messing around with her husband, she still decided to take them in and let them work at the bar with her after the accident al oddment of her husband. The three women make a complete 360 from polar opposites, into a family.The objective reality of the film is evident through its use of the visual representation found in the mirrors and the water. Mirrors and reflections represent the way Millie views herself. Through the mirrors, we begin to understand Millies obsession with looking good, something she is proud of accomplishing. Millie is always beautifying herself by making small changes to her clothes, base her hair constantly to make sure her curls are intact, and perfecting her makeup. She looks at her reflection, apparently adoring what she says looking back at her, even though no one can figuratively see her.The mirror and the reflections represent Millies invisibility to other people in that when you look in the mirror, you are the only one to take notice of whats reflecting back. Water is also extremely prevalent in the films entirety. Each of the three female protagonists of the film is associ ated with water in one way or another. The opening shot of pregnant Willie painting a mural and water being immersed as a backdrop is said by Altman to represent the amniotic fluid surrounding a fetus, (Ebert).The seceding scene shows Millie and her coworkers helping old people slowly descend into a pool- going to the water as their lives initially started. The wavy line shown on the screen is thought to represent an umbilical cord connecting the person to its life line. Also located in the pool is the crucial turning point in which Pinky jumps into the pool from the balcony, to be later saved by Willie. The movie does feature men however they are of far less significance to the main protagonists. Edgar, played by Robert Fortier, is the husband of Willie.What someone might call a manly man, Edgar showcases himself with motorcycles, beer, and guns. He is very much a drunk who tries to portray himself as a benevolent western gunslinger and fails to acknowledge his wife properly. The other men, often seen lounging around the apartments pool, are objects of Millies captivation. She always comes off in preparation for dates or dinner plans with these gentleman, even though they never actually happen and they fail to notice her. It is understood fairly quickly that Millie is a lonely soul.The men are used only to further emphasize the personality of the female characters they come in contact with. It is obvious that this film was primarily focused on the significance of the character rather than creating an high-suspense adventure like Stephen Spielberg did with his film Jaws created a mere two years previously. Each actress perfectly resembles their characters through their looks and acting capabilities. Rule depicts Willie with no apparent expression on the face and a sad look in her eyes. Spaceks light hair and eyes that stare in adoration fit a character named Pinky.Duvall especially contributed a lot to the creation of the film. She was accountable for creati ng the recipes, the diary entries, and a great deal of the dialogue her character Millie had. Her big brown round eyes resemble a cervid in headlights as she is oblivious to the feelings others have towards her. Its no wonder why she took home the Cannes Film Festival and Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards best actress award. Though the actors fit the characters well and portrayed each scene wonderfully, some things are left unanswered for the audience. Although Pinky is a main character, not a lot is understood about her past.Upon completion of the film, it is still left a mystery why she left Texas and whether or not she was actually from there. When Millie asked for specifics on what part of Texas she was from, Pinky accused her of giving her the third degree and avoided the question. Also, when Pinky saw her parents in the hospital she claimed that she had never seen them before, screaming for them to get out. This was a very peculiar scene since the old couple claim to be Pinkys parents, but look far too old to actually be them. Whether they are frauds, grandparents, or her adoptive parents, is never actually presented.Another mystery Altman added to make the movie come off as a dream, where not everything makes sense and only certain details are vivid. For its use of water coming in and out of scenes with the primary characters, even though water is not actually present, and the mysteries that leave the audience questioning scenes, 3 Women possesses a dream-like quality. The idea of the film, the story, the cast, and everything included, was said by Altman to come to him in a dream, so he wanted to express it as such. The message and the overall point of the film are left open to interpretation for the audience.Altman himself says he is not exactly sure what the ending means but has a theory on what it signifies and what actually occurred. He wanted to create a film filled with emotion and allusion rather than surface realities caught with the c ameras allegedly objective eye, (Sterritt). Essentially this movie is not a narrative in any way but reflects the three stages of a womans life. The three women merge into a single person, who is mother, daughter, and granddaughter, isolated but serenely self-sufficient (Canby). The film is about age and youth and the overall quality of American life. laborious to decipher the exact meaning of the movie is pointless in that no one could be definite for sure. 3 Women is a film concentrated more on mystery, mood, and behavior than the use of plot devices. In both Images and 3 Women, it is evident that Altman avoided an attempt to make a flashy movie in score to compete at the same level as his younger comrades in the business. Images depicted a fairytale and 3 Women, a dream both very unconventional types of films. He was far too interested in the preservation of Hollywood art to care about garnering publicity.These were films that had emphasis on ambiguous between objective reality, and character subjectivity, decorated with abstract, enigmatic compositions. Both were films in which Altman was involved both with the writing and directing process, enabling him to project on screen what he himself envisioned as the direction of the movie. Also, these films examined madness in its female characters. It is no coincidence that these specific films both won a best actress award at Cannes. Although Altmans movies dont always do extremely well at the box office, they are perpetually the subject of a lot of uninflected attention.

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Developmental disorders of renal disease

Some of the jet pullulatemental kidney disorders include polycystic kidney ailment, congenital nephrotic disease, nephroblastoma, renal agenesis, duplication anomalies, fusion anomalies, malrotation, multicystic dysplastic kidney disease, renal dysplasia, renal hypoplasia, etcetera Congenital nephrotic disease is an inherited disorder that whitethorn present at birth in which the infant has proteins present in the urine (proteinuria) along with hunk of the proboscis (oedema). The civilise is r are and is usually found in children born in Finnish families. Children born with the disorder have a protein found in the urine, known as nephrin.Several substances such as proteins, fats, blood proteins, etc are excreted in the urine. The idiosyncratics develops several symptoms including swelling, low birth weight, malnutrion, kidney failure, short appetite, infections, presence of blood in the urine, poor general health, cloudy appearance of the urine, etc (Charytan, 2006). Nephrob lastoma or Wilms tumour is a mark off characterised by the formation of a malignant tumour in the kidney. It popularly occurs in infants and children. Wilms tumour is a very frequent tumour that develops in the abdomen in children.The condition is frequently related to other birth defects such as urinary tract ab conventionities, enlargement of one half of the body, missing iris, etc. As the condition is more frequent in identical twins, it is considered to have a genetic link. The tumour seldom spreads to the other parts of the body. One in all 200, 000 children develop this disorder. The child may develop several symptoms including abdominal pain and swelling, presence of blood in the urine, fever, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, malaise, hypertension, constipation, cloudiness of the urine, etc (Nanda, 2006).Polycystic renal disease (Cystic renal development disorder) is a familial condition in which the affect individuals develop cysts in the kidney. The condition is an a utosomal dominant condition and the symptoms less frequently develop in childhood. One in every 1000 develops the symptoms of polycystic renal disease. In childhood, an autosomal recessive version of polycystic renal disease can also develop. The child may develop severe symptoms along with renal failure with a fatal outcome. Lung function insufficiency is another frequent complication that can result in death.The common symptoms of polycystic renal disease include abdominal pain, abdominal swelling, presence of blood in urine, flank pain, excessive passage of urine, drowsiness, hypertension, joint pain and swelling, nail defects, cysts in other portions of the body such as testis, liver and pancreas, colon defects, swelling of the kidneys, bile duct defects, portal hypertension, fibrosis, brain abnormalities, kidney stones, anaemia, frequent urinary tract infections, renal failure, liver failure, break and bleeding of the cysts, etc. The child has a positive family history of poly cystic renal disorder.The exact manner in which sevenfold cysts are formed in the kidney is not understood clearly. However, a genetic cause has been outlined. Once the kidney cysts are formed, they ladder to swell, resulting in deterioration of the kidney function. The individual develops several symptoms (Silberberg, 2007). Renal agenesis is a condition in which the kidneys fail to develop. It can occur unilaterally as well as bilaterally. In the bilateral form, several other conditions such as pulmonary hypoplasia, oligohydramnios, facial defects, limb abnormalities, etc, occur resulting in fatal outcomes.In the unilateral form, the individual develops trigone and ureteral orifice defects, absence of the ureter, etc. This form is less severe compared to the bilateral version. The individual can survive provided the kidney function is managed appropriately (Merck, 2005). Duplication anomalies are conditions in which the individual develops extra collecting systems. This may affe ct one kidney or both, and may involve the ureter, calyx, ureteral orifice and the renal pelvis. These conditions have to be treated very carefully depending on the extent to which function is affected (Merck, 2005).Fusion anomalies are conditions in which the kidneys are united to one another. However, the ureters are separate and enter the bladder on either side. Several conditions such as vesicoureteral reflux, congenital renal cystic dysplasia, etc, tend to occur more frequently with fusion anomalies. A condition known as horseshoe kidneys is characterised by the fusion of the renal parenchyma bilaterally. It is one of the most common kidney fusion abnormalities. The ureters tend to function normally. Sometimes the point at which the renal pelvis is united to the ureter is abnormal resulting in urinary obstruction.The second most common kidney union anomaly is crossed fused renal ectopia in which the kidneys are present on one of the body, and the ureter crosses the midline of t he body and empties into the bladder of the either side. hotcake kidney or fused pelvic kidney is a condition in which the kidney is single or fused and is emptied into 2 ureters and collecting systems (Merck, 2005). In multicystic dysplastic kidney, the kidneys consist of multiple cysts, cartilage, primitive tubules, and multiple cysts. The individual develops several symptoms such as infection, swelling, hypertension, etc.Renal dysplasia is a condition in which the renal tubules, vasculature, collecting tubules, etc, develop abnormally, resulting in distortion of the normal kidney function. In renal ectopia, the kidneys are not placed in their exact anatomical position resulting in several problems such as obstruction. Renal hypoplasia is a condition in which the ureteral bud gives rise to an underdeveloped and small kidney. However, the size of the nephrons is normal. The individual can develop hypertension (Merck, 2005). Ureterocele is a condition in which the ureter is overdo ne at the point it is inserted into the bladder.At this point, the flow of urine into the bladder is seriously affected resulting in obstruction and hydronephrosis. In neurogenic bladder, due to a defect in the spine at the lumbosacral region, the nerves that supply the bladder are affected resulting in improper drainage of the bladder. The individual is at a put on the line of developing several problems such vesicureteral reflux, infection, renal hypertension, scarring, renal failure, etc. Hydronephrosis is a condition in which the ureter and the collecting system are dilated (Conley, 2007).ReferencesCharytan, D. M. (2006). Congenital nephrotic syndrome. Retrieved on January 26, 2008, from Medline summation Web commit http//, S. B. (2007). Congenital kidney diseases. Retrieved on January 26, 2008, from Alberta University Web site http// (2005). Renal Anomalies . Retrieved on January 26, 2008, from Merck Web site http//, R. (2006). Wilms tumor. Retrieved on January 26, 2008, from Medline Plus Web site http//, C. (2007). Polycystic kidney disease. Retrieved on January 26, 2008, from Medline Plus Web site http//

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Causation of Crime Essay

The two theories I chose to comp ar and contrast are the Trait and Choice theories. These two theories explain wherefore peck commit crimes but differ in reasoning. I found that the main difference in between the two is that the choice theory states that if people want to commit a crime they will if the benefits out(p)weighs the punishment. The trait theory differs because it deals with testosterone and whether or not people with lower IQs are much liable to commit crimes. When looking at the two theories you will see that the first theory is more straightforward and the second one leans more towards victorious the blame away from the individual and placing it their traits. I like the fact that the choice theory states that if a person is going to commit a crime they are going to do it. Not only does this theory cover the fact that the person committing the crime weighs his or her options but might also do it out of enjoyment of act.The trait theory takes the responsibility away from the individual and places it on traits such as testosterone. I feel that this theory allows people to commit crimes and later on on say that it was due to producing too much testosterone or use their IQ as an excuse to escape the fact that they committed a crime. fashioning the person accept responsibility for their actions it what should happen and the choice theory seems to lean more towards that as opposed to the trait theory. I would associate the guns and crime skip to the choice theory. The reason for this is because most people who commit crimes with guns already have the intention to use it.This means that they already made up their minds and have elect to commit the crime. For instance gang crimes that involve guns, these individuals use guns, in their minds, to gain territory or even for retaliation. In a ten year bridgework that covers 1997 -2007 there were 650 homicides (Krueger, 2007), this means that 650 times the people have made the conscious choice to kill someone. Out of those numbers, 290 of them have been by shootings (Krueger, 2007). That is some real food for thought when you add the choice theory into the equation.Gutierrez, K. (2007). Albuquerque metro area saw 54 homicides in 2007. Scripps Newspaper Group. Retrieved fromhttp//

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Learning Theories Based on Behavioral Perspectives Essay

Behaviorism is a school of thought in psychology based on the assumption that learning occurs through interactions with the environment (Cherry,2011). Two other assumptions of this theory ar that the environment shapes behaviour and that taking internal mental states into consideration is visionary in explaining behaviour.Ivan Pavlov, a Russian physiologist discovered the classical learn in the 1920s. Classical teach focuses on the learning of involuntary emotional or physiologic responses. In his laboratory, Pavlov was in a dead end by his experiments to determine how long it took a dog to secrete digestive juices after it had been fed, but the intervals of sequence kept changing. At first, the dogs salivated in the expected manner while they were being fed. Then the dogs began to salivate as currently as they saw the food. Finally, they salivated as soon as they saw the scientists enter the room. Pavlov decided to make a detour from his original experiments and examine these unexpected interferences in his work.In one of his experiments, Pavlov began by sounding a tuning fork and recording a dogs response. There was no salivation. At this point, the sound of the tuning fork was a apathetic stimulus because it brought forth no salivation. Then Pavlov fed the dog. The response was salivation. The food was an unconditioned stimulus (US) because no prior training or instruct was create the natural connection. The salivation was an unconditioned response (UR) because it occurred automatically-no conditioning required.Using the food, the salivation, a tuning fork, Pavlov demonstrated that a dog could be conditioned to salivate after hear the tuning fork. At the beginning of the experiment, Pavlov sounded the fork and then quickly fed the dog. After he repeated this several times, the dog began to salivate after earreach the sound but before receiving the food. Now the sound has become a conditioned stimulus (CS) which bring forth salivation by itself. Th e response of salivating after the nuance was now a conditions response (CR).In my opinion, this method can be very useful for people to train their pets. These techniques also useful in the preaching of phobias or anxiety problems. Teachers can apply classical conditioning in the class to familiarize students with new environments and help students overcome their anxiety.John B. Watson further broaden Pavlovs work and applied it to human being. In 1921, Watson started the Little Albert experiment. The goal was to condition Albert to become afraid of a white rat by unification it with a very blasting noise (UCS). At first, Albert showed no sign of fear when he was presented with rats, but once the rat was repeatedly paired with the loud noise (UCS),Albert developed a fear of rats. It could be said that the loud noise (UCS) induced fear (UCR).In my opinion, Watsons theory of classical conditioning can be use to create a phobia. I think that this method can be applied to trigger feelings of fear toward something harmful or dangerous in order to avoid something bad from happening. It can be used in a classroom to teach students what is bad and cannot do.Operant conditioning is a method of learning that occurs through rewards and punishments for behaviour. Through operant conditioning, an association is made between a behaviour and a consequence for that behaviour. Operant conditioning was coined by behaviourist B.P. mule driver. He believed that internal thoughts and motivations could not be used to explain behaviour. Instead, he suggested that we should look only at the external, observable causes of human behaviour. Skinners system is based on operant conditioning. One of the key concepts in operant conditioning is reinforcement. Reinforcement is any event that strengthens or append the behaviour it follows. There are two kinds of reinforcers positive reinforcers and negative reinforcers. Positive reinforcers are favourable events or outcomes that are pre sented after the behaviour. Negative reinforcers involve the remotion of an unfavourable events or outcomes after the display of a behaviour. In both of these cases of reinforcement, the behaviour increases.This operant conditioning work all around us in everyday life. Children completing a task to get a reward from parent or teachers or even employees try hard to finish a project are examples of operant condition. In my point of view, these kind of activities are useful for they give pleasant results and make the individuals work hard when completing something. whatever ill-behaviour also can be removed if it brings bad effect to the individual. Thus, operant behaviour will be enhanced and unpleasant stimulus will be removed.In a nutshell, I think all of this learning theories inspired by Pavlov, Watson and Skinner are essential in introducing the first learning theories of education. Scientists are able to produce a variety of new learning theories based on their experiments. The y are the pioneers in creating the initial theories of education and a source of advert to those involved in education.

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Nutrition And Athletics

Good Nutritional practices play a rattling critical role in the physical performance of not only human beings but in addition all living creatures. To excel in any endurance physical activity, all the personify systems moldiness perform since the bioenergetics functions of the muscles has to be uphold in order to function at peak levels. (Berning, J. and E. Hultman. 1972)Energy providing nutrients, carbohydrates, lipids (which are also known as fats), and proteins provide fuel for the bioenergetics reactions, vitamins and minerals on the other hand speeds up the rate the bioenergetics reaction (acts as a catalysts) where water acts as a solvent for all these reactions and also serves as a cooling agents for the system from the estrus which is produced by the bioenergetics reactions. (Bobb, A et al. 1969) All these nutrients are needed in appropriate quantities so as to enable the body function efficiently especially during compute or sport. (Singh,V. N. 1992)Food is the majo r source of all these nutrients although sometimes nutritional supplements are used during critical times especially when a performer needs urgent nourishment either through oral or through intr everywheresions (IV) infusion. The gastro intestinal tract (GIT) helps to break down this fodder into smaller components (digests) so as to slake the process of absorption. The body cells then utilize the absorbed nutrients for all metabolic reactions in the body including dynamism production. (Asterita M. F, 1986) Studies show that the foods eaten today serves as a body part in the future therefore nutrition is very essential.This paper discusses the dietary compulsions of an jockstrap, especially essential nutrients with regard to their forms, functions, food source, dietary recommendations and neediness risks. remains Athletes like all intensive /endurance physical activities is a gamey energy consuming exercise therefore diet is very critical and very essential for the health and performance of an jockstrap. However, Nutritional requirements for an athlete vary from one athlete to another depending on the time taken during twineing and actual performance. (Brouns, F. 1993)The aims of full(a) nutrition in an athlete according to, (Buskirk, E. R 1997) include o To help the athlete recover from performance or training o To orchestrate the athlete for performance or training o And to maintain the level of performance or training of an athlete Therefore unless an athlete is well provide he/she may not exploit his/her full potential. This nutrition involves a balanced diet which is regular and with the required amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. The individual nutrient requirements and the deficiency side effects include CarbohydrateCarbohydrate is a very important source for an athlete. It is required to help the athlete sustain the high level of the activity and to counter muscle cramps and fatigue. (Consolazio, C. F, and H. L. Johnson. 1972). Carbohydrate in the body is stored in the muscles and the liver as glycogen and these stores must be continuously replenished. (Burke, . L. M, et al. 1991) Research shows that a person raise store enough glycogen in the body to help him/her sustain an exercise for a period between 90 proceedings to 120 minutes but however taking a diet low in carbohydrates weed reduce this time to less than 60 minutes.(Chen, J . D. 1993)Recommended carbohydrate An athlete is supposed to consume a repast containing between 7-10g of carbohydrates per kilograms, body weight of the individual athletes per day (7-10g/kg/bwt/day) consequently he/she should consume a pre-exercise meal 1-4 bits prior to the event and the meal should contain 1-4g of carbohydrate per kilogram body weight, however if the exercise is prolonged, one has to consume a carbohydrate during the exercise and these should be 30-60 carbohydrate per hour.If the athlete is to participate in frequent activities he/sh e needs to consume in immediate post exercise carbohydrate which is meant to aid in recovery in readiness for another performance (Bucci . L . 1995). He also says that this meal should contain 50-1000g of carbohydrate after every two hour until the normal meals resume. Signs of inadequate intake according to (Buxbaum, R, and L . J . M icheli) include o Muscle heaviness o Lack of energy to train o Inability to concentrate for an extended period of time especially during an event o Poor recovery between training seancesGenerally the carbohydrate requirement for an athlete will depend on the body weight, height, training, regime e. g. (Intensity and duration), Type of training and the gender of the athlete. Protein Requirements Protein is needed by an individual since it is involved in the expression and repair of muscles and tissues the red blood cells, hair, finger nails, as well as synthesis of hormones. It is also required so as to reduce chances of development of smoothing iron deficiency anemia and improving the healing process shut in of an injury or disease. (Ameri fucking viandsetic Association and Canadian Dietetic Association, 1993).They further say that teenage and adult athletes require 0. 6-0. 9g of proteins per kilogram per body weight per day (0. 6-0. 9g of protein/kg/bwt/day). During an intensive or enduring exercise energy production takes priority over tissue building however very little proteins is used as fuel when calorie supply is adequate in the body studies reveal that the exceed nutrients to provide fuel in athletic are carbohydrates and fats but they are inadequate or depleted gluconeogenesis takes place (process of converting non-carbohydrate sources such as Proteins to carbohydrates) to convert proteins in carbohydrates so as to provide energy.Proteins are the major sources of nitrogen in the body and nitrogen wastes produced after protein digestion require a lot of energy to authorize which may otherwise be used during the ev ent however nitrogen wastes are minimal when carbohydrates are adequate. Vitamins and Minerals. plunk downs are divided into two classes, first Fat dissolvable vitamins which include Vitamin A, D, E and K and second water soluble Vitamins which include Vitamin C and B complex vitamins.The body requires all these vitamins in amounts transcendent the recommended Dietary allowances especially in endurance exercises such as athletics but however care should be taken on fat soluble vitamins since if taken excess they may lead to toxicity which is noisome to the health and eventually performance, but studies have shown that even if vitamins can be taken without conditions they do not contribute directly to the performance of an athlete, however, the reactions which the body uses to provide it with energy are controlled by chemicals which are close toly made up of vitamins and minerals that the body can only obtain from the diet.(Allan ,J . G ,and K . A ,Overbaugh).Minerals on the oth er hand are very important in the health and performance of an athlete in that they act as catalysts and hence speeds the rate of reactions of energy provisions in the body. These minerals include calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, sulphur, potassium, sodium and chloride. It is therefore advisable that foods hat are high in vitamins and minerals especially fruits, green leafy vegetables, carrots as well as high biological valve proteins should be high in an athletes diet.Fats Fats are important sources of energy in the body. The body stores fat in the adipose tissue and under the skin it is the last to be used by the body incase of starvation or depletion of carbohydrates and fat stores in the body. However, in endurance sports especially athletics, excess body fat will often be detrimental to performance. This is because the increase in fat stores consequently raises the body weight and also the body uses a lot of energy to break down fats into fats acids so that it can be used.(Chav ez A, C et al, 1969)Excess fat in the body is not only caused by consumption of high fat diet but also by consuming large amounts of carbohydrates especially simple and sweet carbohydrates since they cause fat storage. Athletes are advised to consume high complex / high glycemic index carbohydrates since it releases energy slowly to the cells thus there is reduced fat storage. However athletes should eat smaller meals than non-sports people but in frequent intervals. Water Water is a non-calorific food because it does not give any calories to the body but it is extremely necessary.This is because the larger percentage about (60%) of the body is water and even small amounts of drying up can have major effects on the performance of an individual. (Bobb, A, D . et al 1969) Water helps the body by protecting it against overheating (cools the body) and also as a means (blood) of transport for most substances in the body. Dehydration is very fatal in sports since it leads to reduced abil ity to exercise in the heat and also reduced mental skills such as concentration and decision making.Consumption of water is the key to optimal hydration but fluids such as diluted fluid succus or weak squash drinks after can help optimize hydration. While exercising athletes are often weighed before and after a session so that the fluid that has been lost can be replaced quickly. (Berning. J. R and S . N. Steen. 1991) Conclusion For excellence in exercise and sports, all body system must perform efficiently especially the muscles. This can only be enhanced through good nutritional practices. The body gets all the nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids/fats, vitamins and minerals) from the food on consumer or nutrient supplements.Athletes require higher amounts of carbohydrates than other nutrients since they are the major sources of energy however, other nutrients can be converted to carbohydrate through the process of gluconeogenesis incase there is inadequate carbohydrates or there is depletion of carbohydrate in the liver and muscles where it is stored in the form of glycogen. Water which is defined as a non calorific food is very important in an athlete since the highest percentage of the body is water and even small amounts of dehydration can have significant effects on the performance (both sporting and mental performance).Additionally high fluid levels in the body help to protect it against overheating and also provide the means (blood) of transport for most substances in the body. The bodys digestive system breaks down food into smaller components which are easily absorbed by the body cells and tissues and utilized during an exercise. Diet therefore plays a very important part in the health and performance (both physical and mental performance) of an individual and should be taken seriously.

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Federalism in India Essay

India is a big acres characterized by heathenish, regional, lingual and geographical diversities. Such a diverse and vast domain can non be administered and ruled from a single centre. Historically, though India was not a federal authorized articulate, its various regions enjoyed adequate autonomy from central rule. Keeping in view these factors in mind, the Constitution makers of India opted for the federal form of government. Though, the Government of India Act 1935 envisaged a federal set-up for India federal provisions of the Act were not enforced. Thus, India became a federal polity with the Constitution of India. nationalism is a clay of governance in which the office staffs to legislate is in two levels as Central and subordinate levels.Features of FederalismFederalism in India has a strong bias towards the matrimony Government. Some unmatched features of federalism in India ar * There is no equality of recite representation. Representation in the Parliament can v ary widely from one commonwealth to other depending on a number of factors including demography and total land area. * No double citizenship, i.e. no separate citizenship for estate and state. * The consent of a state is not required by the Parliament to alter its boundaries. * No state, except Jammu and Kashmir, can draw its own Constitution. * No state has the right to secede.* No division of man services.The main features of Federalism * Provision for more than one form or government to act simultaneously on the same territory and on the same time. * each(prenominal) government must have their own authority and spheres of power, though they may overlap. * Neither level of government, state or national can abolished the other.Why Federalism is big? Federalism is important because of the following reasons * Because of diversity, there is a division in the power of federalism (to legislate in better manner). * For better Administration. * Economic development in cultural diver sity, linguistic groups, traditions, customs, natural resources. The concept is taken from U.S.A. in 1776 and at the time of U.S. government license.How Democracy is linked with Federalism? In a democracy, the involvement of people at state level is more, as the people are free to choose their own representatives, for the people, of the people, by the people.What makes India a Federal Country?India is a vast soil with numerous dictions, religions and regions. The concept of federalism plays a vital role and the power sharing arrangements plays a crucial role in maintaining unity and harmony in the country. India got its independence in 1947 but it also resulted in painful partition that paved way to the formation of Pakistan. After independence, several princely states became a part of the country and the constitution declared India as a Union earths. Despite the fact that the word federalism is not used or implied with Indian Union but it is for the most part based on the prin ciples of federalism.All the above key features of federalism are well suited to the provisions of the Indian Constitution. The constitution of India provided two tiers of levels of governments Central or Union Governments representing the Union of India and the state governments. Later, a third tier or level of federalism was formed and added in the forms of Panchayats and Municipalities. These three different tiers of governments enjoy separate jurisdictions and the constitution provides a three- f venerable distribution of legislative powers between the Union governments and the state governments. It comprises of three major nominates and they are as follows 1. Union List This list includes subjects of national richness such as defence, foreign affairs, banking, communications and currency. They form as the part of Union list as we need a uniform policy on these important matters throughout the country. Union or Central government can only make laws relating to these above men tioned important subjects.2. State List This list contains subjects of state and local significance and state governments alone can make laws relating to subjects like police, trade, commerce, agriculture and irrigation.3. Concurrent List It can also be termed as co-existing list and includes subjects of common interest to both the Union Government as well as the State Governments. It includes subjects like education, forest, trade unions, marriage, adoption and succession. Both levels of government (Union and State governments) can make laws on these subjects. If their laws conflict with each other then the law made by the Union Government will reign and succeed.How is Federalism upright?The success of federalism in India cannot be merely attributed to constitutional provisions but to the nature of democratic politics in our country. It ensured that the spirit of federalism, respect for diversity and zest for living together became a common goal in our country. The major reason s in which federalism has succeeded in our country are as follows 1. Linguistic states The formation of linguistic states was the first major test for democratic politics in India. There were lots of changes in democratic politics of our country from 1947 to 2006. In India, m each old states have vanished while many another(prenominal) states have been created. Even the names of areas, boundaries and states were changed during this period. In 1947, the year of independence, the boundaries of many old states were changed in order to create new states. It was through with(p) to ensure that the people speaking same language should reside in same state.It led to formation of some states that were created not on the basis of language but to recognise differences based on culture, ethnicity or geography. It includes states like Nagaland, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand. There was fear of disintegration by some national leaders in our country when there was demand for the formation of states on the basis of language was raised. Earlier central government resisted linguistic states but the experience has shown that their formation has made country more united and integrated. It made administration procedure easier and opened doors of opportunities for everybody.2. Language policy Our constitution has not defyn the status of national language to any one language. Language policy proved second major test for India federation and finally Hindi was identified as the official language of the country. Hindi, the official language of country proved to be mother tongue of only 40 percent of India and therefore there were many safeguards to protect other languages. anyhow Hindi, constitution recognized 21 another languages as scheduled languages. All the states had their own official language and much of government work took place in the official language of the concerned states.Our leaders adopted a cautious and vigilant attitude in spreading the use of Hindi in India. harmon ize to Indian constitution, the usage of English for official use has to be stopped by 1965 but many non-Hindi speaking states resented it violently and wanted to continue with English. In Tamil Nadu, the movement took ugly turn as it turned into violent agitation. Thereafter, Central government responded positively and agreed to continue with usage of English along with Hindi for official purposes. But still Government of India continues to have encouraged the promotion of Hindi in their official policy. It does not mean that central government can impose Hindi on states where people speaks their own regional languages.3. Centre State Relations The concept of federalism was strengthened to large extent by restructuring of centre and state governments relationships. It also largely depends on how the leaders of ruling party follow these arrangements. In India, the same party ruled both at the centre and at the most of the states. It means that the state governments did not exercise their rights as autonomous federal units. There were occasions where the parties at centre and state were different and in such cases central government tried to undermine the powers of state government. In those days, central government misused the constitution to dismiss the state governments that were governed by opposition parties.It undermined the spirit of federalism to large extent. After 1990, there was significant changes as the country saw the rise of regional parties in many states of the country. It was the arrival of the era of coalition governments at the centre. It led to new culture of power sharing and created a respect for the autonomy of state governments. This new trend was back up by a major judgment of Supreme Court that made difficult for Central government to dismiss state governments in an illogical manner. Federal power sharing holds more significance in todays time than in early years when constitution came into force.Conclusion There are still other su bjects that dont fall in any of these lists. These subjects are computer software that came much after the formation of constitution in India. According to our constitution, Union government has the power to legislate on these left over or untapped subjects. Generally, it is learnt that holding together federations do not give equal power to its constituents so all states in Indian Union does not have identical powers. Jammu and Kashmir has its own constitution and enjoys excess status and many provisions of Indian constitution are not applicable in this state.There are some units of Indian Union that enjoys very little power and these are areas which are too small to be recognized as an Independent state and could not merged with any other states. They are referred to as Union Territories and include areas like Chandigarh, Lakshadweep and Delhi, capital city of India. These territories do not have the powers of the state as Union or Central Government runs these areas with their s pecial powers. It is not easy to make changes to the power sharing arrangements of Union and state governments as it has to be passed with both the houses of parliament with at least two-third majority.After its cheering from both the houses of parliament, it has to be authorized or ratified by the legislatures of at least half of the total seats. In case of disputes about the division of powers, the amply court and Supreme Court makes the decisive decision. Both Union and State governments have the power to raise resources by imposing taxes in order to black market on the government and the tasks allocated to them.

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Persephone falling

Notes on Rata Doves Mother Love Persephone, Falling Based on the Hellenic myth of Demeter and her daughter Persephone (see Foreword), Dove creates a modern story of the event of Persephone capture by perdition. There is an overriding theme of danger and disobedience end-to-end the poem. The young girls innocence, captured in the description of her as a beautiful narcissus is juxtaposed by her act of careless disobedience (she had strayed from the herd) when she refused to heed the warning of her parent.One cannot overlook the joke on the word herd at the end of the first stanza. There is an element of self- imposed danger versus the danger lurking roughly. In stanza one, the captor is conveyed as the gravel lurking in the underworld waiting to take the unsuspecting victim sprung out Of the earth. Yet in stanza 2, the poem seems to apply some blame on the child who does not pay attention to the warnings of a parent this is how easily the pit opens. This is how one foot sinks int o the ground.One the one hand the peril comes close to by the terrible prey that springs upon the helpless by surprise just as it is said in the Holy Bibles reference to he devil roaming around the earth as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. This reading of the poem with biblical reference is underscored by the name Hades in the Greek myth itself, as well as, the biblical reference is also seen in the line it is finished the words quoted in the New will Gospel as Jesus final words after his crucifixion.On the other hand, in the last line of the poem, the child faces a demise brought about by her own failure to adhere to good advice (80 % of stanza 2). The victim puts herself in harms way. The destruction came by choice one foot sinks Furthermore, Dove extends the threat to the vulnerable by showing various ways by which a youth can be lured away.In go straight to school she speaks to the haphazard, playful child who is easily flurry and lingers away from her course. In don t answer to strangers she implies a more unsuspecting, innocent whose naivety could get her ensnared but in keep your eyes down there appears the inner connotation of the bold daring girl who abandons modesty with boldness and impudence. All of which can lead to an unfortunate circumstance.This poem is not a sonnet nor does it turn out any particular rhyme scheme, however the sound and rhythm of the poetic is identified as one reads aloud the internal rhymes of flowers and others heard and herd in stanza 1 and the end rhymes of around, down ground in stanza 2. There is a distinct difference of tone between the two stanzas when the story grave voice of the persona is superseded by the watchful parent who already sees in the child the tendency to be wayward.

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British Chinese Relations Essay

undermentioned the transfer of Hong Kong from the British effectively ended legion(predicate) remnants of British imperialism in china, and in the process ended much of Britains involvement/ provide in Asia. The turnoer has in like manner given chinaware control oer one of the worlds leading financial institutions, thusly improving not only its economic standing hardly also its ability to usance well-off power. The opposite could be said for the effects on the United land, where the turnover effectively halted their control over the economic powerhouse and ushered in a new era of Anglo-Chinese relations, yet this is not necessarily a bad thing. Since the turn over of Hong Kong from England, relations between mainland chinaware and the United terra firma subscribe modify and a larger bond has come about. Before I can begin to speak on the effects of The Turnover, I must first give a history of the events that made the turnover possible. imputable to the job imbalance be tween china and the United Kingdom in the 1800s, the UK thought it baron be positive to sell opium to the Chinese.Within a few years, the UK had gotten China addicted to opium and was starting to close the trade deficit. This in tern made the Qing dynasty officials very angry and they decided that they would disallow the importation of Opium into China. The British saw this toy as an insult and in return they attacked China. This act started the first Opium state of war. Due to the Qing Dynastys limited armada, the British effectively wiped out the Qing forces and took possession of the land where Hong Kong currently is. The possession and occupation would not be de jure binding until a treaty signed in 1898 that leased the land to the British for 99 years. Following the fall of the Qing dynasty and the rise of the land of China in 1912, the relationship between China and the United Kingdom still remained fairly unequal. At this time, the British Empire was still the worlds h egemonic leader and they were not afraid to show their might. This was reflected in the lending practices (or lack there off) that the British showed the Republic of China in those years.In these years following the foundation of the Republic, it was commonly known that the British would treat the Chinese as second class citizens in their own country while taking advantage of Chinas resources. This was also evident in the effort that the British put into protecting its Chinese workers during World War 1 and World War 2. During the World Wars the UK failed to protect Hong Kong from the powers that attempted to invade it and in the process failed to hold back many preventable deaths. After World War 2, all Anglo-Chinese relations came to a complete halt. This is out-of-pocket to Chairman Mao deciding to close off all foreign interaction with the newly founded nation. This is referable to what Mao thought was the influence of a corrupted political ideology and to help heal the wound s of British imperialism. Deng like Mao believed that a communistic China was a good China, yet they disagreed as to what finis communism should dedicate on the everyday lives of the people.While Maos main concern was providing the ransack essentials to every Chinese citizen then Chinas outlook on the world stage, Deng on the round other hand wanted China to become a world power, then wanted to cater to the Chinese people, even going as far to state, some will become rich faster than others. It was in this mind frame that he started divvying up the collectively run state property to create arguing between Chinese citizens. Deng felt this was necessary because the Chinese economy has been lagging since the start of the Great alternate Foreword and due to Maos policies it looked as if it would continue on that track. During Maos communist campaign throughout China, many British feared that he might also have his eyes destiny on Hong Kong. Many British knew that their influenc e on the world stage was starting to weaken and that other costly war, with a country as large as a Soviet backed China, would stand up disastrous to the British bottom line.Yet at the same time, many British were not terrific of Chinas new communist regime because they thought it lacked the legitimacy and power to effectively bear the Wests hold on Hong Kong. During this time in history, the United Kingdom still possess a large area of the worlds land and had a large navy that was exposed of at least defending itself if it felt threatened enough. Also because the United Kingdom refused to acknowledge the mainland China as a legitimate country, any provocation towards Hong Kong from Mao would have proved disastrous, as it might have set the stage for a foreign backed coup by the Nationalist forces. The British knew about these ways of thinking and at the time did not feel China, in its current state, was a legitimate threat to any of its resources or power that it had vested in Hong Kong or Macau.By the time Deng to the reigns in China, the United Kingdom was a shell of itself during the Imperialism era, and its relationship with China was no more that of a crack to inferior but more so on the level of equals. Analysts began to predict that because China had large total of cheap labor and a safely stable government, trade and manufacturing exports between Britain and China would prove advantageous to both nations. This is one of the reasons why the British began to see China as more of a instrumentalist on the world stage. But even before Deng came to power in 1978, the UK still began to show some favor towards China by signing and even advocating UN Resolution 2758 which transfered the China Security Council seat from the Republic of China to the Peoples Republic of China, respectfully.It was in these diplomatic agreements that China and the UK could find equal cornerstone to later speak on the transfer of Hong Kong from British authority to Chinese authority. During the talks with the United Kingdom, China remained steadfast and strong on the issue of the UK retaining any authority over the region after the handover in the late 1990s. This is due to the fact that many of the Chinese leaders at that time thought that the treaties which gave the UK rights over the region were not done equatibly and some went as far as calling them downright illegal. Moreover, many at the time were surprised that the strong U.S. friend ally would even agree with talks with a Communist nation but at the time Britian had no choice. Hong Kong received the majority of its water and power from the PRC, let alone many of its exported items. These aspects combined with the fact of without the help of the United States, the United Kingdom had no way of effectively defending Hong Kong if the the PRC decided to invade. For one of the first times since get through between the United Kingdom and China began, China had the complete upperhand against the Brit ish.Following the handover, relations between China and the U.K. have been relatively calm. Without out any vested insterest in the region, the United Kingdom does not come in contact with China very often because there isnt much to speak about. Although many British companies do still own many factories in China, the factories are running smoothly and regulations on them have not become more or less strengent since the turnover, so there isnt much for the British and Chinese to quarrel over. However, during these peaceful times, the United Kingdoms economic and military might have remained reliatively stagnent while the Chinas continues to grow, yet China does not recpricate the sentiment that Britian gave to it for so many years. If anything China has gone above and beyond with talks to England with China offering money to help out the European economy and agreeing to billions in trade to England.From my earlier interviews, I gathered that most people were happy that China has tak en the high road in dealing with the United Kingdom. Most were pleased to see China becoming more active on the world stage, so theyd be upset if the Chinese government did anything to upset this activity, and causing trouble with the British would certainly upset this peace. For the majority of its history, China has prefered to use soft power to deal with its problems and one could surmise that it would do the same if it ever had any confrentations with England, but as of recently, China has not had to use its influence with the United Kingdom because talks have been cordial. oneness could suggust that these talks will remain the way for the forseeable future.

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Over Population Essay

The rapid increase of the Earths population is beseeming an issue due to the depletion of fo pass offs and limited resources. There has been a dramatic increase in the Worlds population by 5. 8 million from 1900 to the present day. In this era humans be reproducing more than in previous times causing them to cluster near each other in cities and to defy in crowded conditions with limited resources. If the earth continues to carry on these factors, in the near future the b all(prenominal) will not sustain its resources.There ar m whatsoever factors that contribute to the overpopulation of the world. Developing countries in take of pedagogics, major gap in riches along with social class and the exploitation of earths resources argon factors of overpopulation. In some countries, many individuals do not lease m unmatchedy or the opportunity to be educated and as a result they do not know how to control the population in the means of using protection to control. Lack of fami ly planning is commonly seen in the illiterate lot of the world rise in abide rate. (Beddinton, J, 2010)Illiteracy is an important factor that contributes to overpopulation. It has been proved that individuals with a minimum of a post-secondary teaching method are likely to pose fewer kids than those who do not possess a post-secondary education. 1/3 of the population growth in the world is the result of incidental or unwanted pregnancies. (Beddington, J, 2010) The concept of line control isnt quite accepted in many cultures. Using birth control measures is considered proscribe in certain cultures.In some cultures, male baby birdren are preferred. This ultimately forces couples to produce children till a child of the preferred gender is conceived. Women are often pressured from the family and society to children. It is a role that women are given, not by choice, but by their societies. They are child bearers and always will be.Those lacking education tiret quite understand t he contain to curb population growth. Modern methods of birth control andfamily planning dont reach certain societies either, making it difficult for them to have methods of curbing their growing population. (Oak, M, 2012) These people are unable to understand what impact overpopulation fecal matter have because they are not taught about the foreign matter to not do they have time to think about it with all that they already deal with. Those with education gutter make more responsible decisions about marriage and childbirth. Thus education is an effective shaft of light to curb overpopulation.Human nature always wants something more or better and realistically people are neer completely satisfied. The worry is that, thither are too many people on the planet for all of them to live well and carry a comfortable life. There is an immense difference in the in make love of individuals and there are also such differences in the power between social classes. As more wealth and res ources have become available, the cost associated with obtaining these resources is forced to increase, resulting in unequal access to them.Those maintenance at the middle, lower, and fag end of the income brackets find it more difficult to sustain a viable quality of life. (Beddington, J, 2010) Compared to the entire population, there are only a few people that possess large amounts of money and power over the rest of the people. As the Earths population continues to increase, the more poverty that there will be. There are evidently more than enough resources to go around to e genuinelybody on the planet, but the distribution of these resources is not equal.Millionaires are constantly trying to figure out how to make more money and they hire people at extremely low wages because those people are unfortunately desperate. The Bourgeoisie will always have the money by passing along wealth and the Proletariat will always be stuck in the position of doing heavy labour for little incom e. Money is scarce to some extent for eachone. The top one percent holds way too much money and power over everyone else. Because of these people the wealth is very unequal, causing poverty and allowing the rich to hold all the riches and the poor to have less.Increasing population leads to companies increase the need for products thus more productions are made. People in agriculture such as farmers have always had the ability to exploit their resources in order to reach the fullest potential of their harvest but this is commencement to change. One resource that is particularly running low is the element of life, fresh piddle. Out of the total water on earth only two percent is fresh and of that only one is able to be used the rest is locked up as parts of gasses or as ice in the cold caps.(Beddington, J, 2010)Humans use half of all the available fresh water yet many still cant find enough. Over one one thousand million people lack access if they have any to clean and safe drin king water. As population grows, so will the number of people living in these conditions where they are unable to obtain basic resources. The water tables of China, India, Pakistan, Mexico and Yemen are dropping by 1 to 3 meters per year, as are those of the US, especially in the southern Great Plains where thousands of farms have gone run dry.Since one ton of grain requires 1000 tons of water, this water deficit will cross international borders in the form of increasing grain prices worldwide. (Beddington, J, 2010) The planet is clearly having a difficult time managing the need of products due to the growing high demands of goods and resources. Nearly 80 million people are added to the planet every year and a healthy future does not lie ahead unless a change for materials and materials that can be recycled is demanded.Overpopulation is a serious subject and a growing issue for todays generation and those ahead. There needs to be increased awareness on this issue, because its becom ing a problem that is increasing every second. Education needs to be provided for those in need in order to servicing reduce the birth rate, resources must be managed wisely in order to save resources for the years to come and a development for a better share of wealth throughout the world needs to be found in order to control this problem that generations ahead and maybe even this era is facing.People need to look at the numbers, according to U. N the world population is projected to hit 9. 6 billion by 2050. Earth cannot hold an infinite population and the pollution that they cause. Overpopulation wont resolve itself the birth rate will not magically decrease and change will not take bewilder until the people truly want it and act upon it.

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All State Case Study Essay

How does a company known for being conservative force a non-conservative target merchandise? Since being the founded in 1931, Allstate has been one of the leading companies in the amends business acting as a leader in gross gross revenue while stick arounding vocal about change magnitude safety processes. Starting in the 1960s Allstate began promoting the customers safety by playing a social function in convincing governments to make seatbelts mandatory and then again in the 70s to 80s in promoting airbags.Allstates motto Youre in good hands along with their ability to remain in a positive public light for many years has provided the confidence customers want in an insurance company. Allstate offers many types of insurance including home, rental, auto, life in addition to conglomerate recreational vehicles, rides included. mistake 3-29 Estimating topical Demand Total Market Potential With 9 billion motorcyclists registered in this country this became a grocery that Alls tate developed a heightened interested in targeting. After initial data collection they determined that they all provided insurance to a single digit percentage of this market.They began their campaign by simply trying to earn awareness that they sold motorcycle insurance. The number of registered motorcyclists along with registered bikes would allow Allstate to help determine their total market potential. As many motorcyclists own multiple bikes this would need to be accounted for in estimating the potential number of demoralizeers. sedulousness sales would then need to be looked at as not every motorcycle possessor purchases motorcycle insurance, whether they are on-line(prenominal)ly not using their bike or due to a incredulity in the need for insurance in general. This additional data could also be provided from surveys of buyers intentions targeted at those with a motorcycle license or those who have recently purchased a motorcycle.Slide 3-7 Database counsellingsing Mar keting and selling insurance is very different beast from marketing retail products. Retail products typically can be marketed to offer something new to an individual that they dont already have or to replace their trustworthy stuff with a newer versions. On the contrary once a customer has purchased insurance they do not make a change until they are either unhappy or a new offer is enticing enough to attract a customer to switch providers. Due to Allstate current customer profile they already have the ability to reach out, collect data and market to their 1.5 million motorcycle owners who were already clients for other types of insurance. (Elliot, 2008) By providing a package deal with other insurance policies purchased by Allstate they are able to market internally and increase sales to those that are already loyal customers.Slide 3-11 Needs and Trends As times have changed and gas prices continue to rise, along with our macrocosm, consumers have begun to switch from the big v ehicles to more(prenominal) gas efficient choices that allows them the freedom to commute in the car pool lane. Motorcyclists who initially rode unaccompanied for pleasure began using their more hail effective motorcycles as part of their daily commute. These factors have vie a role in the increasing trend of motorcycle sales for the past decade. As these sales have remained elevated, this market has solidified its move to become a predictable and durable trend earlier than a fad.Due to the concern that our current primary fuel source, oil, is finite and nonrenewable, we face substantial cost increases as depletion approaches. (Kotler & Keller, 2012) As the population continues to grow our highways also become more congested, increasing our commute time. In most Asian countries, with some of the more dense populations the main individual vehicle choice is the motorcycle. (Ing, H. T.-P., Eng, A.F.M.S. & Ing, N.X.D, 2008) In time we may see our country following this trend and th is may eventually transform our tape transport industry resulting in motorcycle sales fair a Mega Trend.Slide 3-21 Natural Environments As of ride Industry Councils most recent report, scooter sales are up 11.8% and dual-purpose bike sales are up 14.2%. (MIC, 2012) With the purchase of any of these types of bikes also comes a need for motorcycle insurance. The target population for these types of bikes are individuals looking for fuel efficiency, commute cost savings while still choosing a comfortable, more visible motorcycle or a less aggressive scooter. This target population fits into the Allstates current philosophy focusing on safety. Allstates website promotes the use of safety gear while riding and offers a good rider discount. According to the case study the increased sales are also accounted to the handle Boomers and Generation Y consumers. Both these generations respond well to living green and are highly environmentally conscious along with image conscious. (Williams, K.K & Page, R.A)Slides 4-11 look for Approaches, 4-30 Contact Methods & 4-31 Pros and Cons of Online Research On the realization that this was an untapped market, Allstate did a wonderful job at reaching out to motorcyclists and determine how to target this population. Firstly, as Allstate found many of their staff were motorcycle riders themselves which allowed Allstate to start with their own internal focus groups. They then began their own website which was targeted exclusively to motorcycles in addition to sponsoring motorcycle rallies. (Helm, B. 2007) Motorcyclists are a tight federation and communicate a great deal now through internet forums. Allstate has begun to play a role in this by providing their own forum and including their own employees.This provides them the ability to communicate directly with their consumers through a quick, cost efficient method. This also allows them to target individuals who are at a high likelihood of becoming potential customers and increa ses their ability to run quick surveys, whether determining users intention to buy or their opinion of Allstate versus other insurance providers. The other contact method that they have used in their sponsorship of motorcycle rallies has worked very well for Allstates competitor, Progressive.Progressive has been a longtime sponsor of the International Motorcycle Shows which allows them to fight directly on their website and they makes them the first booth each visitor sees on attending the show. Immediately on arrival each visitor receives a business card to scan for free prizes which include various types of merchandise with Progressives logo. This marketing strategy has increased consumer association with their company name when asked where to buy motorcycle insurance. Allstates steps to enter the growing Motorcycle industry has not happened overnight even so as it continues to grow their sales are likely to expand as well with their ability to attract the new conservative motor cyclists.

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Character Profile Of Macbeth Essay

We hear about Macbeth first in the opening scene with the witches. They speak of Macbeth, which suggests that he is link up to evil through these witches. However, we quickly chat that this is far from the truth and see that he is quite the opposite. Shakespeare portrays him as a courageous fighter through a bleeding captain speaking of Macbeth, who is at this station fighting for his country.For brave Macbeth (well he deserves that name)Cannons overcharged with double cracksThe delaying of Macbeths entrance by Shakespeare is a clever technique used to get the audience phoneing all sorts of things about him.Macbeth, a courageous, physically strong, replete(p) common is rewarded for his deeds by being named Thane of Cawdor. Just before Macbeth is pronounced Thane of Cawdor, he meets the witches with Banquo. The revolting creatures tell Macbeth that he allow for be Thane of Glamis, Cawdor and then King. He doesnt realise that they are only telling him the good parts of the prop hecy. He is taken back by the predictions and, naturally, wants to k promptly more. He is single minded and wants to reckon them.Macbeth thinks of the witches as a reliable source of information, even though he has only met them once, Banquo however has new(prenominal) caprices, describing them as Devils.If chance will have me King, why, chance may crown me without my stirAt this channel we are under the impression that Macbeth is going to wait for chance to crown him, he goes on to submit a speech and says,With things forgotten.This largely suggests that he has thought of death penaltying the King before, which shocks his brave, soldier image, he then, to our surprise, starts to biz in his mind the route to the throne. In these thoughts he realises that the Prince of Cumberland, the Kings own son Malcolm, is in the authority amidst him and the King Duncan. He hopes his evil thoughts to be King are not found out and we see this when he says,Let not light see my block and de ep desires.We see Lady Macbeth practice session a letter from Macbeth, this shows the couples intimacy and proves the strength of their relationship. From the minute she reads the letter she is plotting for Macbeth to become King, although she fears he is besides weak. overly full oth milk of human kindnessLady Macbeths invisible will starts to grow and she cannot wait for her husband. They talk about murdering Duncan, with lady Macbeth trying to convince her husband to eat up the King. odor like thinnocent flowerThis is Lady Macbeth ordering her partner to behave normally at the banquet, as he is planning to murder Duncan that night and his nerves are starting to get to him.As soon as Duncan enters Shakespeare builds up sympathy for him,This castle hath a pleasant seatDuncan thinks it is truly nice, however Macbeths heart is certainly not pleasant. He is today nearly convinced to kill Duncan, but turns slightly into a moral coward. He fears the consequences and cant act if h e allows himself clip to think it all through. He believes that if he does something bad then something bad will happen to him which it true doesMacbeth excessively respects the fact that the King is his guest and to be killed by the host is not very(prenominal) fair to say the least, Duncan is highly regarded by everybody and Macbeths fear of the crime getting out is too much. As well as all of these reasons not to do it, he hasnt really got the gut determination and inner strength to kill his King.We will proceed no further in this pipelineHe gives in to fear and tells Lady Macbeth no. She is annoyed and scared her predictions of her husband were true.Was the hope inebriate?She suggests that the original hope to be King was a fake and tries to win him around. Soon Macbeth is talked into killing Duncan and realises he will have to put on a face.False face must hide what the bastard face doth knowMacbeth is extremely nervous and has a vision, in which he sees a dagger in fro nt of him, almost as if to say go and kill Duncan while the chance is still in that respect.The handle toward my handHe is very unstable and already feeling the nerves of a murder digging in. Knowing that Macbeth may fail Lady Macbeth takes the initiative and says,Had he not resembled my father as he slept, I had done itThis line puts it across to Macbeth that he is a coward.I think that the idea of killing your guest, friend and at most your King is appalling and that Macbeth is repulsive.He nervously kills Duncan but makes a mess of it, bringing the daggers back with him. Lady Macbeth shows huge strength in calming him down, and then returns the daggers.Macbeth is a wreck of nerves, he still cares what people think of him and fears getting caught immensely. He is now wrapped up in superstition believing anything that the witches say.After the body is found the nobles close to Macbeth realise that he is behaving very strangely, in a particular occasion the suspicion of Macbeth get s so great that his wife faints as a distraction. This shows the great strength of his wife and her ability to help him become King.Banquo is certainly Macbeth, his own friend, killed Duncan and tries to convince everyone, do Malcolm and Donalbain to flee for England.Theres daggers in mens smilesNobody knows who to trust and as Macbeth is vest King peoples suspicions grow, as do his nerves.I fear thou playst most foully fortBanquo fears the worst from his so called best-friend and confirms Macbeths fears by not showing at a banquet.There is a clear difference in the two main characters, Macbeth and Banquo. Banquo is a loyal and noble character, who is not s right smarted into decisions, he was patient for Fleance to become King, not really bothered about the witches predictions. Whereas Macbeth was on the whole obsessed with the predictions and blasted his port to the throne, we can now see how the two characters are totally opposite.Banquo is an annoyance and worry to Macbeth, this is because he is way too suspicious and Macbeths trust in the witches predictions that Banquos son would be King.I think that Macbeth feels threatened by Banquo and eventually he decides to murder him, and most importantly his son Fleance.Whose being I do fear Referring to Banquo,Whose absence is no less material to me Referring to Fleance.Macbeths motive for the murder of Banquo and Fleance was also that he needed piece of mind, he cant relax if people are suspicious.We now see Macbeth being more self-motivated and doesnt need Lady Macbeth as much any more. In the beginning he shared everything with her and initially valued her guidance, as well as being dramatically influenced by her. But since Duncans murder there is a clear breakdown in the relationship.Macbeth has some other encounter with the witches and they predict he will be King until Great Birham Wood moves to Dunsinane This creates a feeling of invincibility for Macbeth, as the thought of a wood moving seems impo ssible. From now on he decides to do everything without thinking about the consequences, a very different Macbeth than what we saw at the start of the play.Be it a thought and doneAll sympathy is deep in thought(p) for Macbeth when he murders Madcuffs wife and child, a totally disgusting measure and the shear horror is unimaginable as well as being extremely sick. He is definitely not how Lady Macbeth described him earlier,The milk of human kindness.There is now a deterioration of character in Macbeth. The Macbeth, the leader, was good and honest, but now the Macbeth who consults with murderers is a traitor and dislike King. This is proven by many people in England discussing their views on MacbethIt weeps, it bleeds, and each new day a gash is added to her woundsThis is Malcolm describing Scotland under Macbeth.Not in the legions of horrid hell can come a fray more damned in evil to top Macbeth.This shows the pure hatred of Macbeth, Madcuff then goes on to say,It cannot be called our mother, but our grave.They are decided to go and overturn Macbeth,Macbeth is ripe for shaking.Back in Scotland we see Macbeth experiencing an element of remorse, which is needed if he were to be a tragic character. For example he has no feelings for his crying wife This is due to his involvement in so many murders, he wishes he had these lost feelings.I am sick of heartMacbeth then shows little, if any, sympathy for his wife who committed suicide. This is somewhat veritable(prenominal) of Shakespeare (to kill off the lead characters wife via suicide), for example in Julius Caesar when Portia (his wife) kills herself. After this Macbeths worst incubus comes true, when a messenger comes to him to say that he saw Burham Wood move. He acquires a very jerking mind and tries to grasp some of our sympathy.I have supped full of horrorsMacbeth knows a rebellion is on its way and says he shall fight till the end,They have tied me to a stake I cannot fly, but borrow like I must fight the courseMadcuff kills Macbeth and gives the crown to Malcolm, who pledges a better reign to Scotland.I think that Scotland would be good under Malcolm as there is a sign of Duncan (rewarding friends for good deeds) and Scotland has a sense of freedom as Macbeth has finally gone.