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Mid-term history exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Mid-term history exam - Essay ExampleIn fact, fabrics made in the sept with techniques that remained largely unchanged since the Middle Ages. The machines used within the home to make textile fabrics were small and both hand-powered or powered by hand. The Industrial transmutation, however, replaced these hand-powered machines with coal and put the manufacturing responsibilities in the hands of a modify factory system (Backer). These coal-powered technologies, along with the steam engine, are the most usually cited cause of the Industrial Revolution (Hudson). James Watts development of the steam engine allowed the transformation of fuel into mechanical work, which chop-chop became a staple instrument in a variety of different industries including powering locomotives, ships, textile machines, and automobiles. However, other explanations may aid in explaining why the Revolution occurred. One theory states that capitalism is responsible for the Revolution, insofar as capitalism incited merchants to take more control over their workers. When workers were paid a piecework rate in a factory, as opposed to the home, workers would produce more in order to sire a better lifestyle. centralisation of material production into factories was the inevitable result of the capitalist system (Backer). Another theory looks at the differences in scientific companionship between countries and tries to look at the Revolution in terms of what countries and cultures were able to call in mechanically (Backer). In need, one of the first countries capable of such mechanical thinking was Great Britain, which is commonly believed to have been the first country to industrialize. In the case of England, science and dissemination of practical scientific acquaintance played a large role. At that time, the new science of Newton was clearly associated with applied science. Those scientists disseminated their friendship to an inte simplicityed public for commercial and practical reas ons through talks like the famous Boyle lectures and by diverse scientific societies like the Royal Society of London (Hudson). In many ways, the development of science in England and the development of industrialization in England were inextricably tied together. By the end of the century it was simply false that the mechanization of manufacturing, and hence of labor, required a working knowledge of Newtonian science (Jacob 167). Also, the concentration of knowledge into the limited land mass of the British isle may also have played a role in contributing to industrialization. Even though England was a source of new scientific knowledge, it would have been difficult to disseminate that knowledge if the country was less densely populated like continental atomic number 63 (Jacob 160-163). The Industrial Revolution left a number of social effects on England throughout the rest of the 19th and 20th centuries. For one, it led to the birth of the modern factory and, consequently, the m odern city that developed rough the factories. These factory towns brought in employees from all of the country looking for opportunities in the new industrialized world. A disallow consequence of this was, of course, child labor. Child mortality rates increased throughout the industrialization period because parents would confide their children off to dangerous employment in specialized tasks within the factories (Hudson). Although child labor existed prior to industrialization, it became a present phenomenon in society, in which children as young as four


THE USE AND ABUSE OF HISTORIC PRECEDENT - Research Paper Example or so of the rhetorical architectural designs applied mostly in Los Angeles include but not limited to the antediluvian patriarch Egypt and Japanese architecture. These modal values were rampant in the olden days but as time went by, different architectures contumacious into reinterpreting them into the modern ways of constructing buildings. This paper will seek to explore how stylistic period in architectural history namely old-fashioned Egypt and Japanese architecture has been reinterpreted in the buildings found in contemporary Los Angeles. In presenting the reinterpretation, MarYella Hotel, Roman Gardens, Church of Christ Scientist and The Getty Center buildings will be used as as a clear illustration of transformation to modern buildings in Los Angeles. The history of the period and structure of Ancient Egypt The Ancient Egypt was an architectural mien used by architects to design buildings, which came to be v ery influential sites during and after civilization. Studies exhibit that the Ancient Egypt style of construction started and ended in the years between 3050 BC and 900 BC (Nicholson and Ian 45). During this time, architects managed to expand a large and vast array of monuments that ended up being very great, famous, and influential to an finish that the following generations carried the knowledge with them. This style of architecture had a number of characteristics among those who involved themselves with it. First, the architects used two predominant materials during the construction of almost every building, which were stone and sun-baked mud bricks respectively (Roseman 51). Prospects have come to put across that, architects applied the Ancient Egypt construction style mainly because there was advent scarcity of wood. During and after the questionable Old Kingdom, architects had an obligation to reserve stone for building temples and tombs whereas use bricks in building fo rtresses, royal palaces, and walls of towns as well as temple precincts. In some instances, ancient Egyptians preferred using the Ancient Egypt style of constructions in erecting buildings due to the presence of hot and dry climate that preserved brick structures for a considerable time. Thus, one could point out that some of the reasons why the Egyptians resolved to build buildings using bricks, which was a major(ip) component of construction materials during the Ancient Egypt, include the prevailing climatic conditions. This is clearly illustrated in MarYella Hotel Architecture. Additionally, Roseman argues that the Ancient Egypt stylistic method of construction served as a way of aligning events astronomically (58). For example, the ancient architects who applied this style in building temples ended up recording certain events such as the equinoxes and solstices, which later provided plurality with the measurement and time when such an event took place. To some extent, this sty le had some religious significance, which appears to have been presided over by the Pharaoh himself with reference to ceremonials that signified their opening. The Japanese architecture The Japanese architecture is indeed very Gordian and according to architectural analysts, it had many characteristics. Traditionally, the Japanese architectural style of construction was typified by structures made of wood, about elevated off the ground, and thatched with roofs or tiles. Further, Roseman evidences that structures made using the

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Improving Local Health Care Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

astir(p) Local Health Care - Research Paper ExampleCommunity practicians are also creditworthy for documenting information concerning a patients conditions for treatment in the future.It is a requirement for health care practitioners to record book a patients data to enhance success during operations. This involves the documentation of the patients name, board and their condition. This happens before the provision of healthcare services to the patient by a practitioner (Tom, 2001). As discussed in the piece, coordination of various components is necessary in the delivery of healthcare services to the public. Furthermore, technology is fundamental to the delivery of woodland services in healthcare facilities.The provision of healthcare services requires the coordination of various stakeholders within the healthcare profession. It is autocratic for healthcare practitioners to keep records when conducting their duties (Tom, 2001). Indeed, record keeping is fundamental in the provis ion of critical care for conditions such as asthma. At the local healthcare facility that I visited, the practitioners were struggling to meet some of the of necessity of the patients because they were facing challenges prioritizing healthcare services to clients. The absence of an electronic medical record made it difficult for the practitioner to asses my previous record. Besides, the practitioner was having difficulty communicating with his subordinates.Lack of proper policies for handling healthcare issues compromised the delivery of calibre healthcare at the facility. The manuals testing kits contributed to pharmaceutical discrepancies at the facility. Additionally, the manual recording system contributed to the difficulties in intercourse amidst practitioners and professionals from other facilities. Indeed, most of the challenges at the facility required the implementation of sound policies concerning delivery of quality healthcare services (Richard, 2003). Some patients wer e unhappy with the services

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Role of Philosophy in Ancient Greece Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Role of Philosophy in Ancient Greece - Essay ExampleAlthough Greece prospered as a superpower, its iron-fisted draw rein caused frustration and discontentment. The teachings and admonition of Homer, Hesiod, and other philosophers, thinkers, and other men of renown had an impact although they were neither taken staidly nor officially acknowledged. It would be incorrect to say that they were totally and exclusively rejected. However, at best, the ruling class picture was divided. Thus, a conscientious section among learned men of the times deemed it necessary to invoke the gods, goddesses, the consequences of evil, and the trysts and involvement of the forebode beings with the lives and affairs of men. They exhorted the people in the name of their god, Zeus, and other gods including the deathless gods, that these bulky divine beings hated military group and injustice. Ancient inscriptions, texts and another archaeological evidence point to the greatness of the empire, its height of power, corruption, and decline, and ultimate albeit temporary death in the times of Hesiod. The empire was to resurrect a few centuries later. The political, economic, social and administrative structure of the great monolith was so powerful and wielded such influence that there was no expressive style it could not find its way back. Those who recorded the decrees and events and the architects and sculptors who designed city and town structures conformed to the best information and technology available at that time. They did so under duress. However, the system was near perfect and all-pervasive to the extent it left no stone unturned in ensuring a feasible, time and motion-based planning and execution. The execution of administration itself was ruthless enough to quell insubordination. Obviously, the Greek rulers had in place some form of reward and punishment system in place to spur movement and forbid failure.

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Emergency assignment for the subject Supply Chain Management. Writer Essay

Emergency appellative for the subject Supply ambit Management. Writer MUST be ON TIME. Writer also ineluctably to send me references files which you used. Writer nee - Essay ExampleSome of the takes will be Supply concatenation Management In theory and Practice, by Birgit Dam Jespersenand Tage Skjtt-Larsen, as well(p) as another book called Supply Chain Management Concepts and Cases, by Rahul V Altekar. While the first book discusses the basics that unionize the conception of supply chain management, the second book discusses various cases that help demonstrate the elements of this concept in a better way.Further, the diary articles will guidance on the work produced by the Supply Chain Management Professionals, so as to gain an insight into this area of running(a) significance in the organisation. These journal articles will include Coordinated Supply Chain Management by D. J Thomas and P. M Griffin, for the European Journal of Operational Research. Apart from such artic les, there will be a blotto focus on Internet sources like www.bettermanagement.com which describes various strategies as well as business policies that defend carcasss like supply chain management and knowledge management.Texan Foods is a company founded and based in Texas, near Amarillo. Born in the year 1941, this company has grown from strength to strength to consolidate its rest as one of the best gourmet chain which specialises in grocery products. Their line of products includes croissants, English muffins as well as exotic sandwich breads, buns and other baked goods like tortillas. Besides universe a household name by the mid 90s with ample support from a former crude oil businessman, R.L (Buddy) Howlett, who was its founder and a successful entrepreneur, this company had come to employ a major supplier who went by name of Valley. (Autry, 2005)2As a big manufacturing company, it has been demonstrated that Texan has a very poor system of supply chain management as far a s its model of collaboration, planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR), is concerned. To come with, let us describe the exact nuances of supply chain management, in context of the CPFR model. Supply chain management (SCM) may be defined as that sphere of activities that takes place in context of planning, implementing, and imperious the operations. These operations or activities, in turn, are connected with the management of the supply chain so as to effectively cater to the requirements of the customer and gain complete satisfaction of the same through a focus on optimum ulisation of resources. (Atlekar, 2005)3 In this regard, supply chain management deals with all activities pertaining to the mobilisation, storage as well as an account of the semi finished and finished products that are of value to the end user. (Hugos, 2005)4 In this context, various scholars have also refered to this form and area of management as logistics as it connects the quantitative areas of assess ment with the soft goal achievement progress of the organisation. These areas have been assessed in Texan, through inputs from two officials who are connected with the operational realities of the supply chain management system followed at Texan.Chapter 1.2 Problem AreasIn this regard, Texan

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Causes, Effects, and Solutions to Global Warming Speech Essay - 9

Causes, Effects, and Solutions to Global Warming Speech - Essay ExampleThere are many a(prenominal) causes that work to global warming. As scientists say, global warming is attributed to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the earths atmosphere resulting in blanket-like effect (John). The greenhouse gases generally originate from burning fossil fuels like oil, coal, indispensable gas. In addition, cutting down of trees and burning of forests commonly result in carbon accumulation. Trees purify the phone line of carbon dioxide, through utilizing it in photosynthesis (Chris). Furthermore, agricultural practices plus certain waste management practices tend to contribute nitrous oxide and methane gas (n.p).Global warming has caused a number of problems to the earth. One of the biggest entails the rise in ocean level. With every rise in atmospheric temperatures, results in melting of ice in the Arctic and Antarctica regions bestow to the sea and ocean levels rising. The aftermath of such involves weird phenomenon like floods, typhoons and hurri thronees (John). A good example is hurri screwinge Katrina which took thousands of lives and destroy a number of homesteads. Moreover, the temperature rise in other areas has resulted in the expansion of deserts and contributing to drought in many regions. The climatic conditions required for growth of certain crops have also been disturbed cause a big problem to farmers (John).Global warming can be solved. In minimizing emission of greenhouses can be the first step in curbing it. First of all, discouraging unnecessary deforestation can be a good step. Proper waste disposal or recycling of wastes can minify emissions of methane plus nitrous oxide. Planting of trees can beneficial in reposes where deforestation has already taken place (John).In conclusion, global warming is a menace which has to be solved in order to fork over the earth from its ravaging effects. Human beings have an opportunity to reverse this change and make the world a better place for the future generations.

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Marriage and divorce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Marriage and divorce - test Exampleand Lynn Kunz 1995). High risk factors that make sexual unions pr ane to divorce include social differences among the partners as rise up as abuse. Some of these causes may be blocked while some are inherent.Marriage is a lifetime commitment between two parties. It is a social institution, forming a binding contract between spouses in regards to their obligations between them and their relatives. Owing to the fact that it is a social institution, marriages form a broad setup, differing from one culture to the next. The decision to marry and who to marry largely depends on the cultural and spiritual beliefs of individuals. According to statistics, marriage institutions in the late twentieth century decreased by 30% (Weastermak 2002). The reasons could be attri exclusivelyed to the fact that more than people choose to cohabit rather than to marry. Tough economic times may also prevent men from committing to the marriage institution so as to pre vent dowry payment as well as expensive wedding ceremonies. However, due to the administrative laws put in place, as well as legal rights protecting women, some marriage setups are illegal. These include child and forced marriages, polygamy as well as planned marriages. Other developments include the existence of civil marriages, which does no t recognize the religious fraternity, but rather the rights and obligations outlined by the government. Initially, marriage only involved people of the same gender, but some laws currently allow the union of spouses of similar gender. This development first surfaced in 13 nations in the beginning of the 21C. Other developments include inter racial and interfaith marriage unions.If well reviewed at the orientate of initiating marriage, couples remain prepared of what is expected of them to prevent overwhelming instances by marriage challenges. Couples committed into making their marriages dally have less chances of

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Research Methods College Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Research Methods College - Essay patternCheerfulness enhances the quality of life and improves productivity. A positive outlook educates one upwardly mobile.A well-to-do disposition naturally reaches out to help someone. This person is not sticking out his neck. He knows he is doing something within reach. He knows he is capable. He simply reaches out, achieves the purpose and continues with his course. He radiates life and all the issues that make life happy and purposeful.It is difficult to say if strengths outweigh weaknesses. If it was so easy for strengths to outweigh weaknesses, al nigh everybody would be happy. Even the happiest people go by bouts of depression and anxiety. However, happy people have the resilience to bounds back. They do not carry forward their depressions to another day. As a matter of fact, going through depressions and anxieties improve resilience. They make a person stronger. It is mentioned that for every 17 articles on negative emotions such as anx iety and depression, on that point was only one article that dealt with the emotion of joy (Happiness).Basically, it is hope that drives man to blistering on. As long as man has life, he also has hope. Irrespective of his constant state of mind, there is the urge within man to press on. He knows better days are ahead. Even the most hardened skeptic harbors the notion that there is the silver lining. In the ultimate analysis, one has to learn to eff above factors that make for weaknesses.

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Frankinstein Book Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Frankinstein Book - leaven ExampleAs his knowledge in science increased, his passion to answer his questions increased also. As a result, he created a living thing secretly in the hope that someday, he will uphold his studies to have been true after all and, that his critics were mere scholars who were afraid to indulge in the studies he pursued. Unfortunately, in contrast to what he expected, the beautiful creation he anticipated proved to be nothing hardly a monster which will soon make his life miserable. The monster killed people whom Frankenstein loved and adored and the once, sweet dream of the young student became his most horrible nightmare. The story may be a work of fiction but it somehow shows readers the value not only of science but also of ethics in performing scientific experiments using the scientific method as exemplified in the story.Frankensteins pursuit to find answers to his questions led him to perform an experiment. Like any educated scientist, it could be said that he followed the scientific method. First, he had this unquenchable question which he knew, only graphic science could answer. As the primary(prenominal) piece of the story mentioned, Whence, I often asked myself, did the principle of life proceed? (Shelley) Having a problem, he accordingly came up with a purpose and that is, to experiment on bringing life, a being from the dead move of men. However, before he begun, he first closely observed living things and how dead animals and men decomposed. The character describes his activities, I paused, examining and analyzing all the minutia of causations exemplified in the change from life to death, and death to life (Shelley). He read more than books on the subject of Agrippas principles and he also expanded his knowledge on other natural sciences such as chemistry. He was very diligent in his studies and he had extensive preparations. Frankenstein possessed and depicted certain characteristics

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Case Study ( see uploaded files) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words - 1

Case Study ( see uploaded files) - Assignment ExampleContinuous communication and consultation with the leads of major(ip) sectors can compensate for their absence on theplanningteam.A difference is made between the accent and level of detail instrategicplan elements and what is granted in each department/programs one-year goals and action steps. However, a glossary was part of thestrategicplan, goals, objectives, and action steps were not discussed. On the former(a) hand, there were some misunderstandings about how thesestrategicplan factors fit together. Use theplanningcommittee members to gulping everything up to the point of assignment of responsibility and the specific action steps/strategies for achieing the objectives. Such an exercise allows the correct department heads to draft these more detailed statements. If this is not workable, at least include department leads by having them co-ordinate to the committees work.Reading about the theory and mechanics ofstrategicplann ingand reviewing other librariesstrategicplans, however, ar only the first steps toward achieving a workable plan for ones own library and garnering sufficient contain to make the plan a reality. According to Edward R (1996) Nestle puts continuously its efforts to understand the better ever-changing lifestyle of people and predict the needs of consumer in order to provide Health and Wellness, Nutrition and relishing through its oblations of the product. The culture of renovation and innovation within the company can access to the group of Nestles brands/ engineering science expertise. They also affect the centralized facilities of the Research and Development which gives a distinct advantage of efforts. It helps the company to pretend a value that can be supported over the long term by offering the customers a wide variety of high quality safe products of food at affordable price. brownish L R (1991) says that Nestle manufactures the products of the international quality under

Why Radical Islam Fears Bollywood Pop Culture Essay

why Radical Islam Fears Bollywood Pop Culture - Essay ExampleIt is evidently clear from the discussion that Islam serves as the third base and final religion in the list of the three Abrahamic faiths with Judaism and Christianity as its predecessor beliefs. All these three religions give ear their Scriptures not only to preach the teachings, but also exploit the same for their political, social and economic gains. It is because the famous maxim was invented that even the devil can cite Scriptures for his own purpose. The same could be use on the purported extremist organizations including Al Qaeda and Taliban etc, and their satanic-minded leaders Osama bin Laden and his evil companions. By looking at into the history of initial years of Islam, it becomes crystal clear that the faith has always been a religion of peace, sympathy and compassion, which has treated even its worst enemies on the noblest principles of sympathy and humanity. However, like Judaism and Christianity, its reins and bridles came under the sway and control of the acrid and stone-hearted opportunists, who started exploiting the faith for their personal gains. The same is applied to Al Qaeda, which appears to be determined to create chaos, anarchy and rowdyism all over the world in the sacred name of Islam. Although the religious-minded people are justified in declaring semi-nude bodies, sexy poses and enticing gestures of women as strictly against the teachings of Islam, which are profoundly being exhibited through the platform of the Bollywood pic manufacturing. The Holy Scripture of Islam i.e. the Holy Quran asserts And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty that they should not display their zeenah (adornment/make-up) except what must ordinarily appear thereof that they should draw their khimar (or piece of veil) over their bosoms and not display their zeenah except to their husbands, their fathers. (2431-32) Thus, the Muslim Scriptur e commands the women to observe chastity and veil in order to leave out the evil and ignoble staring of the licentious people. Somehow, inclusion of the actors from the Muslim community in bulk serves as a certain impediment for declaring singing and dance as vehemently opposite to the true Muslim culture and civilization. For instance, the so-called Muslim actresses of Bollywood including Saira bano, Madho Bala, Nargis, Zeenath Aman, Parveen Boby, Shabana Aazmi, Tabbu, Soha Khan, Katrina Kaif and others have performed very bold and semi-nude roles in the Indian films while the industry is also abundant in the Muslim heroes including Daleep Kumar, Shahrukh Khan, Naseer-ud-Din Shah, Salman Khan, Fardeen Khan, which also play(ed) the romantic and exotic roles that are against the Islamic teachings. Similarly, the Muslim lyricists, script-writers, directors and choreographers etc including Kaifi Aazmi, Javed Akhtar, Farah Khan and many others have also played their decisive part in th e projection and forward motion of Indian music, dance and acting sectors at large. The analyst Shikha Dalmia is of the opinion that the Indian films are very pop in all Muslim countries, and playing romantic and exotic roles through the Muslim actors and actresses particularly display different aspects of the contemporary Muslim showbiz personnel in modern life, participation of which is destroying the Al Qaeda efforts

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Importance of Good Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Importance of Good Writing - probe ExampleWhile writing could be taken as a school activity, much more than writing exists in the professional and face-to-face lives. English W130 provided important skills that shape me into a good author appreciated by Balderrama as that person who knows how to communicate to the audience. In this essay, focus would be on the skills I learnt on development of a dissertation narration, paragraph saying and persuasive writing. The good writing skills learnt would enable me to pass across the intended message through writing and consequently achieve the intended goal. efficaciously constructed paragraphs need to pass across the meaning of a general theme giving examples and details. Paragraphing has been used by writers to guide the audience through a claim that would be supported by points and ideas. In a general to specific arrangement, paragraphs should be made up of a topic or general sentence, followed by primary support sentences and final ly indirect support sentences. The topic sentence serves to create a old(prenominal) map in the proofreaders mind with details expected thereafter. This adopts a top-down onslaught where multiple detail levels follow a topic sentence, visualized with the consideration of a pyramid. The primary levels and secondary levels give the topic credibility. Bailey (37) advocates for about three primary ideas in a paragraph with at least two secondary ideas for each primary idea. This paragraph provides an appropriate example of an effective paragraph that evaluates the construction of an effective paragraph. The first sentence forms the topic sentence that informs the reader that the paragraph concerns effectively constructed paragraphs. The fourth, sixth and one-eighth sentences give the primary ideas while the subsequent sentences give the respective secondary ideas. A thesis statement refers to a, normally, one-sentence summary of the writers answer to an academic problem, question or issue. It could be a map statement that outlines the major points, indicating how it would be developed in the writers argument. Therefore, the thesis statement should be an opinion and not a fact. It should be arguable as it reflects the writers answer to a research question or position in a controversial topic. This means that facts should support a thesis but the thesis need not be a fact in itself. Secondly, it should be focused and not broad. A focused thesis propagates its full development within the scope of the essay. Lastly, it should be specific, not vague (Bailey 6). A vague thesis would suggest that the writer does not have every important contribution to make. To construct a thesis statement, the writer would have to put across personal thoughts in the light of what has already been documented. Thereafter, it should be double-checked for being an opinion, focused and specific. This will yield an appropriate thesis statement, being an essential component of an academic essay as it summarizes the writers argument, giving the reader the context of the argument therein. In this essay, the thesis statement is focused on my opinion that I notify effectively communicate through writing, specifically convincing the reader to act based on my objectives. cogent writing hinges on the ability of the writer to think logically and come up with a solid argument based on factual information. The writer seeks to convince the readers to agree with the arguments, values and facts shared in the essay, thus adopt the writers way of thinking. This would be achieved by appealing to the emotions of the readers and importantly including facts from respected sources. Bailey (139) notes that examples strengthen the writers attempts to persuade the readers. Counterarguments in essays answer reader

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Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 89

Assignment ExampleTo be a project manager and put on my abilities in a prestigious organization that impart enable me learn, grow and further my skills and knowledge in Engineering, Business, and Management. I anticipate this to happen in the next two years and develop my credentials to yield positively in the expansion and prosperity of the firm.The goal is essential in the timely realization of my dreams, goals and ambitions in being a successful corporate executive in the energy management multinational. In addition, it will help me launch my consultancy business in matters of energy efficiency and project management in engineering. To successfully achieve all this, it is important to aggressively acquire the necessary skills within the shortest time possible. A reputable company is preferred because it exposes a person to world class management techniques and requisite development networks.I will institute a workable self-evaluation tactic. The continuous self-assessment will be made within a three-month cycle. I will put down every milestone, progress a new skill acquired, networks developed. If it is through with(p) for the first two cycles totaling six months, a reliable pattern will be noticed. Therefore, if there is an laughable occurrence in the subsequent months, then a corrective step will be interpreted appropriately. When I have a progressive promotion and create resourceful contacts into my network, my goal will be achieved. If none of the above happens, I shall not have achieved my

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Women in Ancient Times Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Women in Ancient Times - Essay ExampleIt was only when the Macedonians subjugated the Hellenistic domain that the position of women became comparatively prominent and some were provided formal education just like what was given to the males of that geological era (Marrou 35).For Athenians, citizenship was signifi merchantmant, particularly after political restructuring was implemented and democratic transformations were in place. Being a citizen meant that an individual can bear land, and when that person reaches the age of thirty, he can hold political office. Citizens could also have a voice in the ecclesia and they can cast their votes on every last(predicate) state affairs. Unfortunately, men were the citizens of Athens and all women were barred (Just 13). This segregation of women signified that women had no political rights, it likewise implied that they could not own land (something which represented power in the ancient world) and that they could never hold political off ice.In primeval Israel, as in most of the ancient world, marriage was the ultimate aspiration. Arranging marriages were the in thing of those times as parents drill effort in searching appropriate conserves for their daughters from the same tribe or from a neighboring village.In those ancient civilizations, the husband was compelled to sustain the needs of the wife, however, unlike their Athenian counterpart Israeli women can keep their own property. In addition, during those olden days, it was understood that a married couple was in reality an economic compact if and when the man becomes insolvent or incapable of meeting his financial obligations, the woman will be exchange into slavery along with him. Similarly, in that era, a womans primary obligation (and considered to be her ultimate bliss) was to give birth, if come-at-able to a son to carry on the mans name and ancestry. It was so important for a manto have a son that a recurrent ground for divorce---something that is no t difficult to attain for a man---was a womans foolishness to bear a child. In fact, in wealthy families, if the wife couldnot conceive, she could give her slave to her husband. The child produced from that essence would provide the legal wife as much status as just like self-aggrandising birth herself. In some circumstances where a married man died without leaving a son, the mans pal or the closest male relative, was anticipated to marry the widow in this manner, she would have a husband to support her and still produce a son closely re latterlyd to the dead husband and keep on his lineage (Lualdi n.p. Clancy-Smith 1-56).In Babylon, the most popular and the most comprehensive of the primordial Roman law codes was the Hammurabi.As one remembers, it was the Hammurabi Code which decreed that the one who demolishes the bosom of another should have his own eye snuffed out as retribution and the one who murders another should himself be put to death, hence giving rise to the idiom an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. In old Babylonia, womens position was comparatively elevated as they could be in possession of and become heirs to properties. In addition, a widow has lawful privileges to acquire and utilize her late husbands assets as long a she continues to live in his house also, she has the right to leave and remarry, however, she could

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Health Grades Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Health Grades - Essay ExampleIn some cases, the costs are connected to the increase in patient care because of taking drugs for a enormous time, for instance, higher generation antibiotics. It results in drug resistance that calls for further therapies that increase the cost through symptomatic interventions and investigations (Singh, 2012).I agree with Lisa Jaycox about the significance of health grades report outcomes to a nurse practitioner. The report explains that it is decisive for a health professional to apply the current evidence-based data to perform procedures. The use of up to escort procedures minimizes the rates for mortality and crookedness. In addition, a health professional should refer patients to surgeons when necessary, for minimally invasive mathematical process option (Nickitas, Middaugh & Aries, 2009). In addition, the report shows that effective and timely care reduces cost and mortality rates in six illnesses. The efficient care comprises of children ast hma, heart attack, pneumonia, surgical, heart failure and emergency care. Moreover, the report gives the cause of deaths, readmissions and complication within one month which includes hospital-acquired illnesses and conditions. From this perspective, a nurse practitioner can participate in corpse care enhancements and implement the concept of form follows function (King & Gerard,

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Comparing and Contrasting Literary Forms Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Comparing and Contrasting Literary Forms - Essay typefaceDrama is driven by action and plot, just as short stories are, which substructure be seen in many fairytales or childrens fables, like Cinderella (Perrault) poetry, on the opposite hand, is more than driven by expression. rhyme and short stories rely on imagery and point of view to display their messages, but drama depends more on the story itself. Yet another greatest difference between these three literary forms is their distance drama is often the longest, followed by the short story. Poetry, though, compresses its ideas and tends to follow specific rhythmic patterns to convey the message or the detail in fewer lines, like She dwelt among the untrodden ways (Wordsworth 71) by William Wordsworth many poems, with some exceptions, such(prenominal) as Beowulf, do not exceed a page. Due to the length of poems, the poet has to reveal as oftentimes as they can while they are able to. Drama and short stories leave room for ot her elements to be displayed, such as theme and setting. Two other vast differences between these literary elements can be seen in their settings and in their genres. Drama is capable of taking place where the author decides, even in a location that does not exist or is based off of a real place. A short story has a real setting that allows people to be able to picture the location.

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Business Modeling Essay Example for Free

seam Modeling EssayTed Ralley is working on conducting a forecast for the upcoming year for an automobile snap off company. The information that forget be utilise for this research has been collected from the quarterly sales from the preceding(prenominal) iv years. Ted wants to determine what is most high-fidelity way to determine the forecast for 2008. The model should also help resolved if the economic situation and oil prices are affecting significantly the sales of the company. The two models that were provided were thoroughly analyse to determine which model was the most appropriate to utilize. These models were a regress model with factors, seasons and an additive Holt-Winters model. The forecasts also evince that there is a significant change in the sales with the economic hardship and oil prices. It was reason out that the Regression with Econometric Variables would be the best rule to use to forecast the sales for 2008, estimating a 255,927,955 for that y ear. orbitWith the economy continuously deteriorating everyone seems to be getting hurt financially, even the automotive industry, which has deepening the economic recession. automotive part suppliers continued to experience heavy debt and overcapacity caused by production cuts by automakers, specifically including the big 3 (Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Chrysler). The suppliersare also being pressed by higher energy and input materials costs. It has been determined by Industry analyst that automotive companies that accounted for more than $72 billion in sales have filed for chapter 11 protections in 2008. The number of Bankruptcies will continue to rise as the years go by. Domestically, Losing the big 3 to U.S affiliates of foreign- based manufacturers and imports in 2008 have caused a dramatic 50% drop in the market share.Most US suppliers are dependent on these three companies aforementioned. U.S suppliers are currently lining the challenge of penetrating automakers supply chains, mostly because these relationships have been long-established with home-market supplies. Ted Ralley is the director of a marketing research for a manufacturer of pleonastic automobiles parts and its working on conducting a forecast for the upcoming year. Ted is informed of the forecasting mistakes and how costly they can be which is why these numbers must be as accurate as possible. In consecrate to perform this forecast, Ted has collected the selective information on quarterly sales for the previous four years and ran several forecasts using time series forecasting methods. Ted noticed that economic drill and oil prices have impacted significantly the auto part sales and decided that the forecast will be more accurate using econometric variables. ProblemWill the econometric variables be a better predictor of sales for the coming year, given the current economic activity and oil prices? depth psychologyThis analysis consisted of the evaluation of the regression m odel with factors, seasons and the additive Holt-Winters method to generate an accurate forecast of how econometric variables have affected the Auto Parts industry. The analysis involved calculating the errors prosody for the three models (mean right-down percentage error (MAPE), root mean square error (RMSE), MAPE and Theils U-statistics (U)) and comparing them against each other. The error metrics were reason by using the formulas shown below Table 1.1 Error Metrics FormulasAfter studying the data provided it could be determined that there is an upward trend with obvious seasonality. Another factor that played a role in these regressions was the removal of the first two years in order to meet Holt-Winters method guidelines. The first regression was conducted usingFactors was generated by utilizing the data that provided by Ted Ralley from a large manufacturer of spare auto parts for automobiles. The data consisting of the quarterly sales for the previous four years was the depe ndent variables and self-employed person variables consisted of Time, quarter 2, quarter 3, quarter 4. In this regression quarter 1 was removed in order to avoid over forecasting and binary coding was used to generate dummy factors. After the regression was completed, the independent variables were tested to determine their significance, which was done by performing a regression on the data through Microsoft Excel. Quarter 4 was removed from the model due to the fact that it was statistically insignificant. This was determined by using backward elimination, which means, a variable that has a P-Value that is greater than .05, is considered insignificant and should be removed from the data and a new regression should be completed.The results from the new regression, shown below, have a P-Value less than .05 being suitable to reject the null hypothesis (Ha). A very strong positive linear correlation amid sales and all the independent variables combined with a 95.47%, leaving an unex plained variance of 4.53 is also demonstrated. fit in to the textbook the most common posting of overall fit is the coefficient of determination (R2). Another important measure is the standard error (Se), which is derived from the sum of squared residuals for n observations and k predictors (Poane, Seward, 2013). A smaller Se Indicates a better fit, in this case the Se will be off by around 3.9 million. The coefficients used to run the forecast for 2008 are the following intercept coefficient + coefficient time x time 1 sum total coefficient q2* code for Q2 dummy variable for q2 + plus coefficient q3. Square error was used to find the magnitude of the error the absolute value of the error to the sales was found and then preceded to calculate to numerator. Numerator and denominator will be calculated in other to use Thiels U. Numerator was calculated as follow difference between sales deduction the sale of initial sale (difference q1-2 sales) /divided by q1 and squared.Bibliograp hyPoane, D., Seward, L. E. (2013). Business Modeling Customized Readings for QNT5040. Mc Graw Hill Education.Microsoft exponent Excel. (2007). Redmond, WA Microsoft Corporation.Albright, Winston Zappe (2010). Business Modeling, Selections from 4e QNT 5040 (4th ed.). Mason Cengage Learning. Aczel,A Sounderpandian,J (2009). Complete Business Statistics 7th edition (592). Mc Graw Hill Education.U.S. automotive Parts Industry Annual Assessment. (2009, April 1). . Retrieved June 6, 2014, from http//trade.gov/mas/manufacturing/OAAI/build/groups/public/tg_oaai/documents/webcontent/tg_oaai_003759.pdf

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Missouri Compromise 1820 Essay Example for Free

atomic number 42 Compromise 1820 Essay Yankeeers finally were receiving the outcome that they had wished for with bondage slowly declining at the end of the 18th blow. southern economilcal dependancy on break ones backry was slowly withering away collectible to the Act of 1808, stating that by that time slavery would not be allowed. Due to this southmosterners were pressd to change their means of production and the use of slaves. When the 19th century arrived it brought the invention of the Cotton Gin. This invention, created by Eli Whitney, assisted in speeding the picking of cotton by removing the seed. The lone(prenominal) flaw in this was that it relied on unconstipated more(prenominal) unskil lead labor. Slaves were found perfect for the handlying of this machine it was slack to manufactor and as easy to work.. From this, southwesternerners found it now more than ever nessesary to hault the abolition of slavery do to the scotch prosperity that lied ahead becau se of the Cotton Gin. In Southern eyes, slavery was a best survival of the fittest than poverty-stricken labor.IN the case of using free labor Southerners couldnt be totally dependent on the person because they might demand things such as higher wages. If free laborors were refused what they asked, Southerners faced the risk of them h gray-headed working. Because you owned a slave Southerners would never have to worry about such a situation. This terror of prolonging slavery enabled the major conflict between The atomic number 7 and South arise. The Southern view of this conflict was that due to the sparingal advantages that slavery rbought and the economical disadvantages that an abolition with bring to the states, that the issue of slavery should be considered a nessasary evil. non only this, further some even believed that slavery was doing blacks a favor.They believed that even in Africa balcks had owners, that they are eer fed, and are treated better as slaves then they would be as free blacks. Northerners disreguarded some(prenominal) cause in justifying such a affaire and stood by there point that slavery was not right. Northern abolishnists fought back and said that slavery went again the funda workforcetal priciple on which America was built on equation and freeddon. Not only im example and sinful but went again the Declaration of Independece which clearly states that all men were created equal with no exceptions. The Norths theology and Souths Economic self-interest, and both sides refusal to compromise left the issue in a stalemate. By the North fueling the fire with such articles like The Liberator, inspiring slaves to revolt, and other abolitionist moves, the North forced the south to fight back in coif to protect themselved from future revolts and incidence furnish by enraged slaves.The Missouri Compromise make the divide between the North and the South more evident that it had ever been. This compromised, proposed by Henry Clay , declared that Missouri would enter the union as a slave state, but every other state that was North of the Ohio river and Mason-Dixon line. though this did stop slavery it stepwise decreased it. In additon to this another factor was the that all states would be admitted into the union in pairs in order to balance the slave states as well as the free states. Still enraged, Northerners demanded the instant abolishment owed to the moral breach that slavery incompassed. They believed that slaves were being treated and stripped of there rights as a humane being. In American Slavery As It Is the author, Theodore Weld, describes his view on how it really is for the slaves of the south and the treatment they are force to endure by their slaveowners.That their ears are often cut off, their eyes knocked out, their bones broken, their flesh branded with scrumptious irons that they are maimed, mutilated and burned to death over slow firesthat self interest would revolutionize them to treat their slaved with kindness By writing such things, Weld just encouraged abolitionists to fight harder and harder for their cause. such(prenominal) cases as the ones he mention cant be said never happened but are certainly rare if so. Due to the tone in writng that is used though, wel makes his words harsh and strong which justly, the Southerners take their dumbfound to fight back at. In actuality most southerners were not as Weld describe because they realized that the better you treated a slave and healthier it was the more work that it could accomplish for you. Not only this, but due to the harsh rigid tone of his words, Weld, gives whoever is reading this no option towards working out some sort of compromise between North and South but instead just relies on acquire things done.Abolitionist works, such as The Liberato,r aided in aggravating the South. William Loyd Garrisons The Liberator, was printed as a Boston proabolitionist newspaper in which Garrison referrs to Southerne rs to being sinners and that slaves should do anything to get out of the miserable situation that they are in, even if that means blacks revolting against their. He as well brings up the issue of blacks being equals with tweeds. Assenting to the axiomatic truth, and endowed by their Creator with certain enalienable rights-among which are life, liberty, and persuit of happiness. Garrison, here, clearly explicates how by having slaves not be free we are going against everything that the declaration stands for and represents. Some say that Garrisons The Liberator might have even sparked the rebellion led by Nat Turner in which Turner gathers up a group of slaves and killed over fifty white southerners.Southerners were so fearful of more rebellion that it led them to create even harsher rules for slaves. In Federick Douglass Independence twenty-four hour period Speech at Rochester Douglass writes of how white southerners are fearful of blacks and that is the reason why there are such harsh laws against them reading and writing. What is this but the awknowledgment that the slave is amoral, itellectual, and responsible being? Douglasss Articular only further depicts that Southerners were in fear or the capability that blacks would have if they were learned. By keeping slaves ignorant they prevented slaves from reading such abolitionist articles which could fuel an angry mob. Due to a fear of angry mobs and revolts Southerners were foreced to lay stricter rules as Civil Codes and the labour on abolitionist literature.In Thomas Dews Review of the Debate in the Virginia Legislature Dew discusses how the white endure and black race could never coencide because if blacks were free there would just be an array of massacres led by angry blacks. Southerners Spent more time on the issue of protecting themselved from a threat of slave rebellions due to abolitionsit literature sparking rebellions than any other affaire. In George Fitzhughs Slavery Justified he discusses further on the matter of slave rebellions and how if black werent slaves their anger would just lead to more crimes and violent incidencs. In the matter of slave abuse he stats that its unblockiculous His feeling for his slave never permits him to stint him in old age. The slaves are all well fed, well clas, have plenty of fuel, and are happy.In response to the heraldic bearing of slave owners abusing their slaves, other Southerners replied by saying that incidents such as the ones which Weld discusses are isolated and uncommon. In fact it most cases it is the opposite of circumstances. In Solon Robinsons De Bows Review Robinson takes the opposite stance that Weld takes and says on the contrary that slave owners would never do such abuse to there slaves because they were too valuable to them. Robinson says The devil things that are most despised and hated in the South are masters that abuse and crave and ill-treat their slaves, and abolistionists, who sieze upon every isolated case of the kind As stated before, abolitionist kept on exagerateing the slave situation in order to attempt to speed up the process of getting rid of slavery when they were only furthering it because of Southerners needing to defend themselves against false accusations.Finally besides the matter of slave abuse and the morality of the situation, the South argues that due to the mass production of cotton that slaves help produce, if we abolish slavery America would be in an economic crisis. Because of the low production of cotton that there would be after an emacipation, labor woul be inconsistent, because free workers would be inconsistent and require more and we wouldnt be able to forfill our internation al demand for cotton.In William Harpers Source Problems in the United States History Harper says The cultivation of the grat crops cannot be carried on in any portion of our own country where there are no slavesAnd what would be the eefect of putting an end to the cultivationannihi lating,at a blow,two thrids or three fourths of our foreign commerce? From this we can see that slavery was no easy matter and that it too more economic cerebration to get rid of Slaves. Perhaps more than the North thought.Though both the South and the North make legitimate reason for their not wanting or wanting the emancipation of slaves, it seems that due to the North the process or reaching compromise was delayed unneccesarily. Instead of thinking about the economical blow emancipation would cause the North ruthlessly kept attacking the Souths morality. The South realized that without slaves for a bit longer they wouldnt be able to make a full economic recovery once emancipation was inacted. But because of the attacks and harsh literature being published by abolitionists, the South spent more time in trying to protect themselves from slaves getting ideas from these works than trying to catch out a plan to resolve the issue with the North. It seems as if the issue could have b een quickend if the North hadnt made such quick and damaging attacks.

The Importance of Determination Essay Example for Free

The Importance of Determination EssayEveryday people face challenges, but it is important that nonpareil does not give up, and to keep trying until they successfully overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. Mother to discussion by Langston Hughes and Still I Rise by Maya Angelou are two different works written by two different authors yet they both convey the homogeneous message. Together, the two authors stress the consequence of pushing harder when faced with conflicts rather than evidently giving up. Using rhetorical language and repeating, Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou effectively accent this message in both of their poems. In both poems, both authors attempt to convince the reader of the splendour of not giving up and trying harder, and do so successfully. In Mother to Son, Langston Hughes is qualified to open the eyes and the mind of the reader by comparing the narrators hard-fought spirit to an object that is elegant, clear and simple. At the beginni ng and end of the poem Hughes writes, Life for me aint been no crystal pace. (Hughes 2, 20). Using the crystal stair as a symbol of clarity, Hughes is implying that life sentence for the narrator is not clear and is not elegant, nor simple. He establishes the struggle in the narrators life and compares it to the crystal stair all while subliminally hinting that whiz must not back down from difficult courses in ones life because no ones life is a crystal stair. a great deal like the previous metaphor, Hughes highlights the importance of determination through another metaphor. He expresses, Its had tacks in it / And splinters / And boards torn up / And places with no carpet on the floor (3-6). This metaphor is comparing life to a rough, bare and hard floor that has been through a lot. The use of this metaphor illustrates the image of a life that has been through a lot, but yet continues to persevere and manage through all the problems. In the same fashion as Hughes, poet Maya Angel ou has used similar figurative language in her piece Still I Rise.It is important to note that similarly to the use of metaphors in Mother to Son by Langston Hughes Maya Angelou makes a point to emphasize the same importance of pushing harder when faced with conflicts rather than simply giving up by victimization similes. Angelou writes, You may trod me in the very dirt / But still, like dust, Ill startle. (Angelou, 3-4). Angelou compares gratification later on a challenge in life being similar to that of dust rising after dirt has been trotted on, thus proving that just as important as it was for the dust to rise after the dirt, it is every bit as important to rise after being faced with a challenge in life.identically to the previous quotation, Angelou again expresses the importance of determination by writing, fair like moons and like suns / With the certainty of tides / Just like hopes springing high / Still Ill rise. (9-12). Angelou effectively compares the sure rising of mo ons and suns rising with the certainty of tides, and the guaranteed rise of hopes to her own certainty to rise. Her persistence to continue to rise after being put through umpteen evident hardships demonstrates the importance of pushing harder when encountering difficulties rather than quitting when things get hard. All things considered, both poets are able to successfully interpret the importance of pushing harder when faced with conflicts rather than simply giving up by using figurative language such as metaphors and similes.Equally as significant as the use of figurative language in both Langston Hughes poem, and Maya Angelous poem, is the use of repetition. Though individually the poems may seem different, unneurotic the two poets commendably integrate and are able to convey the significance of persistence when one finds themselves in difficult situations in life. In the final analysis, using literary devices such as figurative language and repetition have assisted the two po ets in emphasizing their message. It is important that one must not simply tolerate the troubling things they are faced with in life, but rather overcome them.

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Modern America Matrix Essay Example for Free

Modern America Matrix proveAfter John F Kennedys death, on December 6, 1963. Theodore White wrote an essay for Life magazine in which he compared Kennedys life to the legend of Camelot. Theodore White wrote that this was a time with a magic moment inAmerican history when gallant men danced with beautiful women, when great deeds were done, when artists, writers, and poets met at the White House. on that point will never be another Camelot again. Moss, G.D., Thomas, E.A. (2013). Moving on The American people since 1945 (5th ed. ). Boston, MA Pearson. Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe was a movie star sex symbol in the 1950sMarilyn served as a billet model for women. The fashion of the day was not well-nigh comfort but to be very salacious and femininity conforms to the prevailing sexual stereotype. Moss, G.D., Thomas, E.A. (2013). Moving on The American people since 1945 (5th ed.). Boston, MA Pearson. Tariff Reductions distinguished 1993, Congress approved a new round of tariff red uctions on manufactured goods covered under(a) the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. The tariff on manufacturing good had been affect since World War II. In 1993 congress reduced the tariff to help the countrys economic recovery. In 1994, Clinton followed these victories by lessen trade barriers with major Pacific Rim nations. Moss, G.D., Thomas, E.A. (2013). Moving on The American people since 1945 (5th ed.).Boston, MA Pearson. field pansy CorpsIn 1961, the Kennedy administration launched the Peace corps. This was established to help Latin America and other trinity world countries. The Peace Corps was formed because of the cold war concerns in third world countries and from a desire to give idealistic young Americans an opportunity for public service. everywhere the next two years, about 7,500 Peace Corps volunteers were sent to forty-four nations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Most of them worked as teachers others found jobs in health care, agricultural reform, a nd community developmentMoss, G.D., Thomas, E.A. (2013). Moving on The American people since 1945 (5th ed.). Boston, MA Pearson. alliance for ProgressIn the 1960s the Kennedyadministration developed a multifaceted assistance program called the Alianza para progreso. The Alliance for progress was established to blunt the appeal of Castroism and foreclose Soviet opportunities in Latin America. Over thelife of the program, billions of dollars in loans and grants from both public and private sources were fed into the Alliance for Progress. Moss, G.D., Thomas, E.A. (2013). Moving on The American people since 1945 (5th ed.). Boston, MA Pearson.

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Project Management Essay Example for Free

Project Management EssayI am sending aside bid documents to look for a contractor to analyze my organizations IT help desk take, standardize policies, procedures, hardware and software, and fork over the necessary training and documentation. But before that takes place the Scope of what get out be procured needs to be defined. The fore knowledge that my wants its IT help desk analyzed is a good start. The definition of the What as Fleming mentioned is the most important aspects of managing a project. I would develop a cogitation Breakdown Structure (WBS) after(prenominal) the project has been defined. (Fleming, 2003, 116) The question of who leave behind perform the work will come after a pass for Proposal has been prepared for released to prospective sellers. (Fleming, 2003, 122)This step in the contracting human body is normally called The Pre-award Phase, pre-award is the first phase of the contract management process and comprises all buyer and seller actions from procurement planning through submitting a bid or proposal. The pre-award stage is where my organizations IT help desk requirements will be clearly described in an uniquely fashion and our objectives as well as risk will be considered. (Garrett, 2007, 80)The request for proposals (RFP) includes the following documents ingredient I Letter of invitation Section II Information to consultants Appendix to consultants information Section III price of Reference Section IV Technical proposals Section V Financial proposal Section VI Standard study FormIn the subsection of the RFP Flemings example of Model Contract will addressed. (Fleming, 2003, 148) Statement of Work (SOW) Technical Specifications Terms Conditions (TCs) Data reporting Status Reviews Management RequirementsThe Statement of Work (SOW) describes the buyers requirements in sufficient detail to allow prospective sellers to determine whether they can provide the product, service, of solution. (Garrett, 2007, 87) The tec hnical specifications will always be added by the IT department for this project. (Fleming, 2003, 148) The terms and conditions are generally utilise when the source selection decision will be price driven. (Garrett, 2007, 89) Terms conditions will come from purchasing. (Fleming, 2003, 148) The happen upon component to (TCs) is the main duty of (TCs) and that is to cover the critical issues and how the seller can make changes to an existing procurement. The (TCs) will also cover any legal requirements. (Fleming, 2003, 152)Evaluation Any effort to win my organizations IT contract will be based on an objective analysis. Once the proposals are received by all participating sellers the last(a) selection will be made using the following evaluation criteria Note the criteria were determined before RFPs were issued (Fleming, 2003, 165)Technical Management Quality Warranty PriceThe final source will be made on the listed criteria and must be submitted in a write and oral presentation method. In a side note that would be clearly stated in my RFP and in the Contract the areas of Confidentiality self-will, will be addressed with the followingConfidentiality The Consultant shall not, during the term of this Contract and indoors two years after its expiration, disclose any proprietary or confidential information relating to the Services, this Contract or the Clients business or operations without the prior written consent of the Client.Ownership of Any studies, reports or other material, graphic, software Material or otherwise prepared by the Consultant for the Client under the Contract shall belong to and remain the property of the Client. The Consultant may retain a copy of such documents and software.

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The 42 mile run Essay Example for Free

The 42 mi run EssayThe 42 mile run is from Buna to Gleivitz and it takes place during the Holocaust. It seems unacceptable especially since they are prisoners and they are skin and bon literally. They had accomplished it by organism almost like a machine, also having a oversize pack of people contri simplyed a large amount. The most important contribution was if you had family, if you had family you can use that as motivation like Elie Wiesel the writer of Night.We were no longer marching we were trial. Like automatons. said Elie Wiesel. This means that they were running mechanically or like a robot. Elie said, I was putting one foot in front of the other mechanically. This means that he wasnt doing it on purpose his body was doing it on its on. He said that he could feel himself as deuce entities of his body and himself. Almost as if his mind and body were separated.The power of the pack was very strong but full of weak people. If it wasnt a pack and it was just one person it would be impossible to do especially in these conditions. In the book Elie describes the pack as a tidal waver of men. This meant that there were thousands of men in the pack. If you were to stop you would be killed either by the guards or members of the pack trampling you. He said his body as galloping, and the others were too. So it was like a pack of horses running 42 miles.Death wrapped itself around me till it stifled. It stuck to me. I felt that I could touch it. The idea of dying, of no longer being, began to Fascinate me. Elie said this, and this means he was going to give up, to just stop running and either be trampled or shot. But one thing stopped him, his father. If it wasnt for his fathers presence Elie would be dead. This shows that if you had a family member with you then it would seem almost as motivation.The three things that helped the pack run the 42 miles. One was running almost as if a robot, being mechanical. Another The size of the pack, if you stopped yo u would be killed by a tidal wave. And the last, Family, it had to be the biggest motivator.

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The Guy Code Essay Example for Free

The Guy calculate Es presupposeTo be a opus in whiley cultures to this day still means the corresponding as it did years ago, it has not changed much due to work force still wanting the power, respect, and holding on to that image of existence breach than the former(a) man. It all begins when the two-year-old son is taught to be a man and is no longer able to cry or show perception. He thence leave be interested in wanting to be better and stronger than his fellow classmates. This turns into having the pressure not only from your gravel alone from society in general to prove your maleness. In both(prenominal) cases on the nose to prove one(a) the young men result in different kinds of work ons of violence if not to them selfs then towards others. All in all some resort to other measures as to hold the act of silence just to fit in and feel they argon holding on to what is said to be the hombre code. Whatever it may be growing up in directlys society being a m an is not as simple as I assumed it once to be.I do cerebrate there is a strong feeling of competing between intimately men, ranging from playing the best sports, having the most muscles, better jobs, nicer cars, etc. You would think it would be most likely to impress the ladies solely Im horror-stricken it is more of hard to impress other males. Proving ones masculinity is rather quite provoke, being a cleaning woman I always saw these things happening I just never really looked into it till now.As we begin to ask ourselves where this battle begins in a young male childs livelihood that he is shown to start to act like a man, psychologist like William Pollack argue that from an early age boys atomic number 18 taught to refrain from blatant to suppress their emotions, never to display vulnerability. With that being said when a boy is 4 or 5 he is still attached very much so to his mother which it completely normal, knowing that it is ok to cry when he gets a scrape or a cut to show emotion during a storm. It is when the child is around 9 years of age that he begins to hear those dreadful words Be a man that usually come from the mouths of the father/ father figure in the young boys vivification and his angle of seeing things takes a turn. He then is confronted with other boys in school, the teasing and the act of equal in begins to take a major role in the boys life, it relatees the young boy to want to be tougher or cooler than the other boys in his school. It turns into somewhat of a risk as to what choice the young boy testament take to begin to prove his manliness.We should not be surprise as to hear where most of these boys get these ideas from, most testament get it from there fathers, others from coaches, teachers, uncles, etc. by chance when they hear things coming from their fathers it seems to have a deeper effect on these young boys, trying to prove himself to the eyeball of his father and make him proud of his little boy. The t ougher and stronger you are the better you will be in life is how most males think in different cultures. As to coaches or P.E teachers putting ideas into the kids heads, push harder, throw further, swing faster Giving them the impression that the tougher you are the more of a man you are, some coaches have gone as to extremes to call the boys wimps, sissys, feeling forced to take the hits and not showing emotion, just because thats what men do. So they try harder to be better to prove them selfs to these older, potent men in their lives.There will always follow the pressure of a guy proving to himself as well as to his peers how much of a man he is. No guy wants to be called zippy or any other word that will affect his masculinity obviously when he is trying to prove how much of a man he is. So they make sure they wear the right clothes, play the right sports, talk replete, and listen only when necessary. Basically anything that has to do with showing to much emotion goes out t he window. If you ask a teenage boy what is the common put down he would most likely say the answer is that is so gay Not necessarily does this mean homosexuality but by being called gay is being used as a kind of way to say you are not masculine enough. In the article it mentions that most men despite them proving there masculinity to impress a woman they strive to out show themselves in front of other men more. Its like they want to have each others approval more than anything. any(prenominal) guys take proving there masculinity very serious and when they feel the respect or taunting of their masculinity is at risk they turn to desperate measures that most times involve an act of violence. Regardless if it may be towards the person challenging their manhood or towards themselves, in some young men being bullied about their sexuality sometimes results in them taking their own lives. Ive herd of young boys having had enough with the teasing and bullying and decide to take their live s just to not go another day with other boys teasing them. When in other situations some men feel they need to prove just how stiff they are and seek a fight, while others watch just to show everyone just how strong they are resulting in them getting respect. This act of violence you will mostly see in thugs or gangsters. Others mold horrible acts of sexual violence among fellow members of a group, team or fraternity this is what is called hazing the new members. At times taking things too far and the frat guys end up hurting or make up sending them to the hospital with savvier injuries. There is far worse scenario when these college guys preform sexual acts toward woman and others watch but go by the act of silence and not report the crimes and are lead to believe that they are men and shall not tell on one another.If one as parent raised their young boy different maybe things would be easier on him. One would think but in todays society what is taught at home will only do so mu ch forward the young boy is exposed to the reality of how men are in this world. I could go on and on to my son about how he can be his own man and express himself in the manner he chooses to, but once he steps out the door he will be confronted with other kids and that is when the urge to want to be better the only way he will be taught by these boys. So instead maybe one as a parent kind of ends up having no choice but to start at home and hope that what we teach our boys will guide them to be a good man with good standards. In conclusion proving you are a man in todays society seems to be very stress full and at times might take a toll on a few of these young boys. Maybe it is wrong how society is and the pressure these young boys face. It has been this way for many years and I highly doubt the presumption of what it takes to be a man will change any time soon. It was interesting to learn how the minds of guys think. The power, respect, and pride in these men just to follow the so called guy code is very amazing but just how far will these boys and men go to prove there masculinity? Leaves me to think how my sons will be and grow up to become after having had lived through school, college and work experiences.

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Eighteenth Century Literature Essay Example for Free

Eighteenth Century lit EssayAt the start of the Eighteenth Century Lit successionture the lit timery pieces focus on acute and scientific views on all aspects of life be it economic, social, political and religious. The close heralded the Age of discretion which was the thought more than prevalent of the day. The writers sought to determine universal principles on hu humanityity, nature, and society. The eighteenth-century literate reflected this quest. Written pieces almost this measure attacked various spiritual and scientific authority, dogmatism, intolerance, censorship, and economic and social restraints. Thus we raise see in Thomas Grays Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard expressedly deals with the social issues prevalent during their time particularly the wide gap between social class and the opportunity to attain greatness. These lines in the poetry captured these views Let not Ambition mock their habituateful toil, Their homely joys, and destiny obscure Nor G randeur learn with a disdainful smile The short and simple annals of the abject. Look morethe importance of cosmos earnest satireGrays tone throughout the poetry is filled with regret. One can sense that something authorized is lost. This emotional tone captures the injustices that exist in the society due to wealth. He was actually voicing his opinions clear against social class prejudices that was apparent during that period. In Jonathan nimbles A Modest Proposal in any case tackled the social ills during his time. This satirical essay used allusions to English oppressive attitudes toward the Irish.This is apparent in these lines I deal this food may be somewhat dear, and therefore very proper for Landlords, who as they collapse already devoured most of the Parents, seem to have the best Title to the Children. He withal pointed out criticisms on England on the way it mistreated Ireland For this kind of commodity will not bear exportation, and flesh being of also tende r a consistence, to admit a long continuance in salt, although perhaps I could make water a country, which would be glad to eat up our whole nation without it. At first glance, the poem appeared to be criticisms heaped on England. But upon closer inspection one can also sense that fleet was expressing his sentiments on the conditions in Ireland, more specifically the can-do spirit of the times that pervaded the community which misled people into intellection that they can cure all social and economic ills specifically fix population and labor issues. Swifts Modest Proposal talked or so a burlesque of projects concerning the poor, that were considered fashionable in the early eighteenth century.Eighteenth Century belles-lettres is characterized by extreme rationalism and skepticism which gave rise to deism or the belief in the existence of God which became the main root word in the succeeding era of Romanticism. This era is considered as the Age of Sensibility which of course c lased with the ideals of the Middle Ages. Towards the end of the period, an intensifying focus on consciousness and feeling instead of judgment and restraint was noted paving the way for the Romantic Literature. Romantic Literature During the period of Romanticism, industrialization was introduced.Steam engine was developed and this caused expansion of cities and a number of migrants leaving the countryside. Poor people flocked to the city. Issues such(prenominal) as class-conflicts and concerns on environmental pollution were prevalent. This developments in the era prompted the poets and the writers to seek solacement in the beauty of nature. Thus, in most of their literary works we can see the universal theme of Mother Nature being the true cause of wisdome and the antidote to industrialization. Philosophers particularly Jean Jacques Rousseau tackled pertinent issues such as the supremacy or dominance of nature over civilization.A group of poets called Lake Poets from England es poused this philosophical view. Lake Poets comprised of a group of friends such as William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The work of these two poets reflect their sentiments perfectly. These Romantic Poets utilized emotions and reflections in their poets to draw their message across. Wordsworths I Wandered Lonely as a Cloudand Coleridges The Eolian Harp reflected their thoughts close to nature and how much they value it. I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud by Wordsworth is about the beauty of nature and the need for introspection.This is best captured in the last lines of the poem For oft, when on my couch I lie In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye Which is the gratification of solitude And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils. Nature after all is best understood and apprehended in solitude. Solitude here however does not mean loneliness but inner placidity or tranquility which is the by-product of being in commune with t he natural order. Samuel Taylor Coleridges The Eolian Harp also tackles the beauty that nature brings.The Eolian Harp is a stringed instrument which produces music when placed in an open windowpane allowing breeze to pass over it. The eolian harp was often used by poets in the Romantic period to represent creativity. Just like Wordsworths poem, it sought to cope with pensiveness and nature as the response or cure for this pensiveness as apparent in the first lines of the poem My pensive SARA thy well-heeled cheek reclined Thus on mine arm, most soothing sweet it is To sit beside our Cot, our Cot oergrown With white-flowerd Jasmin, and the broad-leavd myrtleColeridge and Wordsworth, however, have different versions of love affair. Coleridge wanted to make the paranormal real or believable. Wordsworths idea of romanticism is to stir the imagination of readers using real characters. prudish Literature During the squared-toe Era (1837 1901), novels and poems were no long-run wri tten mainly to please the aristocratic few but to make an impression and cater to the tastes of the much larger middle class. The novels were also getting wider acceptance around this time. In this era, romantic images of the past were extolled.The writers use everyday language and combine it with classical and traditional language to symbolize the ushering of modernity in the Victorian period. At that period, the economy was developing, the nobility was gaining less prominence, and the class structures were vanishing. There is a expressed need for Victorian poets to find a voice that would capture the essence of their time and place. Rudyyard, Kipling Danny Deever attempts to portray the inner turmoils of a man about to be punish. The poem is about military execution parade with Danny Deever. What makes you look so white, so white? said Files-on-Parade. Im dreadin what Ive got to watch, the Colour-Sergeant said. For theyre hangin Danny Deever, you can hear the Dead March play, Th e regiments in ollow square theyre hangin him to-day Danny is to be executed by hanging because he killed a fellow soldier while he was asleep. One can sense the concerns of the soldier. Another important poet in the Victorian Era is William Ernest Henley who wrote Invictus. His poems were largely based on his person-to-person reflections of his life and his situation being an amputee who suffered tuberculosis of the bone.In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowd. The common theme that ran through the poems is about struggles in life. Danny Deever struggled with his work as a soldier and in Invictus, struggles against disease was obvious. Literature in Victorian era is largely characterized as certain, unprogressive and objective. Writers in this area had learned to live with realities plaguing them be it social, economic and religious. evidence in both poems come in the form of death an d struggles.The views during this literary period were predominantly conservative especially when it came to social perspectives. The upheavals the people experienced during the romantic era had died down in the Victorian era. untold of the poets works around this time served to link and prepared writers as they paved way for the modern era. The literary pieces around this time also tended to reminiscing the past particularly the stories in the classical belles-lettres and the medieval literature of England. The Victorians cherised the the heroism, chivalry and nobility of the knights in the past and hoped to recapture that behavior in their period.

International Literacy Day Essay Example for Free

International Literacy Day Essay-Nation Center for Education Statistics- The Arab Republic of Egypt, which is a country located in the North of Africa, one of the approximately populous countries in Africa and the 15th most populated in the world, with over 84 million people (CIA 2010 est. ) According to UNESCO in 2008, in a 5 year period (2005-2010), after the government had spent 12. 6% of the national GDP on statement, the adult literacy calculate had moderately raised from 55. 6% to 72. 0%. However, because of population growth, the recite of illiterates around Egypt was legato very high, with nearly 17 million people. This report was commissioned by the Department of Education in Egypt to investigate into the literacy issue in Egypt. The issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible. This report ordain now research about the current level of literacy in Egypt, what ar the issues that strive the literacy rates low and just about recommendations to im strain literac y rates. 2. Findings 2. 1. penury One of the biggest factors that affects Egypts literacy rate is poverty.Figure 1. Reproduced from electric razor Labor in Egypt Research Project submitted in fulfillment of the requirement of B. Sc.in Statistics (2011) Figure 1 shows that non being interested in school and not being able to buckle under schooling argon the dominant reasons for electric shaverren to leave school, with 45% of child laborers think that school arent important with them, and 29% them cannot afford enough tuition fees.For those who work, they considered nurture is not important for them however, what is considered priority with them is work is the best way to cast down out of poverty area. Because the tuition fees in Egypt are rather high, some(prenominal) families in Egypt cannot afford it, along with additional education costs.According to Suliman and El-Kogali (2000), besides of tuition fees, families have to pay additional costs on text books, school uniforms, tutorial slightons, and transportation if they want their children to continue their education. A report from El Dawla in 2000 shows that the average cost of education per child in families with an annual income of less than or equal to $1,028 is an estimated $98 at the primary level and $129 at the preparatory level. Therefore, poor families receive no education because of their limited household budget.2. 2. minor marriage Figure 2, reproduced from Why Are The Children Out Of School? Factors affect Childrens Education in Egypt, A Paper for the ERF 9th annual conference (2001) According to Figure 2, the rate of girls from 6-15 years old who have neer attend school is much higher compare to the number of boys in Egypt, especially in rural areas. For example, in Matroh, over 40% of girls have never attended schools compare with 23% of boys, and the rate in Beni Suef and Behera are 37%, 10% and 18%, 6% respectively.A survey published in 2012 by the National Council for Women il lustrated the scale of the issue of early marriage in Egypt, in which the result is that 22% of girls were married before they were 18 (El Masry, 2012). Many girls from 6-15 years old are not able to attend and finish school because Egyptian families do not want to dribble money on girls who will be involved in early marriages, and they always try to grade their daughters wedding as soon as possible. This is because Egypts old tradition that the fiancee tend to consider the wifes m otherwise a lot of prosperities after the wedding.Apparently in 2008, the Parliament of Egypt passed sore laws banning female circumcision and setting 18 as the minimum age for marriage for both genders. However, some Egyptian parents still permit their children to get married very early. Furthermore, parents does not either motivate their children to get hold of or care much about their childrens education, all they want is to preserve their old-fashioned tralatitious practices in that locationfor e adopts to the low literacy rate of Egypt. 2. 3. Dropout rates Figure 3, reproduced from Why Are The Children Out Of School? Factors touch Childrens Education in Egypt, A Paper for the ERF 9th annual conference (2001) There is a affinity between Figure 2 and 3, as both of the charts indicate that Matroh has the highest rate in terms of never attending schools and dropping out, with over 40% and approximately 10% respectively. Suliman and El-Kogali (2000), their survey on mothers perceptions reason of drop out shows that the main reasons for the significant dropout rate are because education is not important for children (especially girls), and the only thing they must do is to make money to support their families wealth.Assaad, Deborah and Zibani (2001) prove that the dropout rate in Egypt has a strong bond with child labor, which is very common in Egypt and many other Muslim countries. This is because children from poor families in those countries are more likely to be forced t o work, therefore, it is less likely that they will be attending school, consequently leading to illiteracy. Furthermore, Nadine et al (2011) show that the number of child laborers in Egypt are between 1. 3 to 3 million, with agricultural factor involves up to 78%.Ultimately, this lead to the decision that it is better for children to stop schooling and start working to make money. 3. Conclusion The Arab Republic of Egypts low literacy rates, which result from poverty, early marriage and high dropout rate have caused many negative impacts for the countries much(prenominal) as lacks of human resources and affect its economies. Despite the Department of Education had took actions to correct the countrys literacy rate with the help of some non-profit organisations such as UNESCO or World Education, it is still low compare to other countries.The Department should use new methods and approaches in which may result in a higher literacy rate. 4. Recommendations 4. 1. Poverty The Departme nt of Education needs to have more involvement in public education in Egypt. Firstly, the Department should find supports for public schools. Also, the Department can ask for other NPOs or NGOs like UNICEF or UNESCO to supply poor children in rural areas with studying materials such as books or pens. This will decrement the cost burden for the household who have limited budget to invest in childrens education. on with building more public schools, some regulations need to be executed in order to misrepresent the additional costs of schooling. For example, the Department should support transportations for students, or check teachers qualifications in order to make accepted that every child in Egypt can access education without any obstacles. Therefore, with better facilities and better qualities of teaching, there will be an increase in Egypts literacy rate. 4. 2. Child marriage The Department should promote a series of campaigns that help Egyptians to raise their awareness about the importance of womens education.These campaigns should be organised through with(predicate) all means of media, including radio, television, or even via presentations. If women and children can realize the importance of education, they can have chances to be educated, therefore this will solve the problem of girls high rate of child marriage and indirectly improve Egypts literacy rate. 4. 3. Dropout rates The Department should create more opportunities to encourage children to go to school by providing unfreeze education to children in rural areas. Also, the government can provide students with scholarship to support students studying path.Doing this, children will have more motivation to go to school, thus can increase the overall literacy rate. 5. References Assaad, R, Deborah, L, Zibani, N, 2001, The Effect of Child Work on School Enrollment in Egypt, Economic Research Forum, viewed 20 June, 2013. CIA, 2010, The World Factbook, CIA, viewed 20 June, 2013. El Dawla, A, Trap fo r Democracy, Social Watch, 2000, viewed 27 June, 2013. El Masry, S, 2012, Under-reported and underage Early marriage in Egypt, Daily News Egypt, December 5, 2012, viewed 27 June, 2013.

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Ebara Balance Scorecard and Communication Plan Essay Example for Free

Ebara Balance Scorecard and Communication Plan EssayEbara Technology co-ordinated Component Division is a subsidiary of Ebara Corporation. Ebara Technology is known as a Research and victimisation focus accompany, whose main subject matter is on research and culture for its parentage operations. Ebara impart constantly campaign for research and development to increase added value to the product and over and above research and development related cost reduction and manufacturing technologies, toward improving it competitiveness and amplificationability, (RD Ebara (n.d.)).FinanceThe financial perspective has the strategic purpose in areas of the market shares, revenues and costs, profitability, and competitive position. On the financial viewpoint of the new F-REX 600 millimeter Chemical robotlike shining System bequeath increase the sales ripening anywhere from 10% to 20%. This pass or enhancement will dictate the end results of lessen in the cost, increase highe r tint and speed, for a prompt response to nodes needs. The run cost will decrease anywhere from 15% to 25% for the reason that on common parts the volume will increase and with contracts already in train the forecast will go up and the price will go down. A sm tot every last(predicate)y add of views turn out to be profitable for the reason of research and development, and pre-marketing costs of transforming a promising idea into a profitable product.CustomerIn the client value perspective we want to look at how the customers see us in all these areas, customer retention or turnover, customer satisfaction and customer value. Our finishing of retention rate is to recognize the turnover and to monitor the performance over time. The main nonsubjective is not to be at zero, however to be at a position that is supporting our goals forgrowth (Customer Retention Strategy Marketing MO. (n.d.)). Developing plans to increase customer loyalty and decrease turnover. Our company will ba nding up meeting on a quarterly basis with customers with the agenda being tell at on-time delivery percent of sale from the new product, and feedback from the customers. On time delivery will be recorded and reviewed to communicate to our shareholders and employees. The company as a whole will be working with all current customers to maintain a goal 98% or better delivery performance. Feedback whether it is positive or negative from our customer is vital action for the growth of the company.Internal Business ProcessThe internal business touch on is to construct a streamline process for the manufacturing process. Manufacturing objective is make sure they have seduce a useful and efficient process that will imposed check points at all operating locations. Paperwork will be turned in and the information is loaded into the database. The target is recorded and a hebdomadal or monthly report is run. These reports are called disclose Performance Indicator (KPI) or Key victory Indica tor (KSI). These reports are a set of quantifiable measures that the company or an industry uses to gauge or compare performance in team meeting of the strategic and operational goal (Key Performance Indicators (KPI) comment Investopedia. (n.d.). These reports will be posted in all appropriate discussion sections and meetings are set-up for discussion to talk some great performance or what we need to improve on.Learning and GrowthThe learning and growth of the company will depend widely on the knowledge and cultivation of all employees. In order to touch our vision production must be able to be ready for changes and the ability to improve. Our goal will be focus in two different areas the first will be the production employees and the piece will be document control. Our intention is for all managers and executives to keep and open communication with every employee in the company and all outsourcing suppliers of all pending and up and coming changes. Every employee and the outs ourcing suppliers will go with a training program on how to build all areas of F-REX 600 millimeter Chemical Mechanical Polishing System.. Our aspiration would be to ensurethat each outside service and each and every in-house employee are practised and certified in their specified areas.Eventually we would want to see some cross-training in all the areas. On the Document Control side will also be following the same step listed above, just because changes will need to be made rapidly and some changes will need to be phased in. This department must be knowledgeable of all aspect of the Engineering Changes Notices and the Engineering Changes Orders. The goal for this department is to be conscious and mindful of Engineering Changes Orders and Engineering Changes Notices. The focus would be to make certain they have all signatures and it is approval through all levels. We will need to proceed by requiring training, cross training and authentication of each of employees in this departm ent.ConclusionThe supposition of the balanced scorecard we covered all four areas The financial side with building of the F-REX 600 millimeter Chemical Mechanical Polishing System we will be decreasing the cost, increase higher quality and speed, where the customer is getting their needs met. This proposal will bring profit because of the research and development, and pre-marketing cost changing ideas into a profitable product. Secondly on the customer perspective side, the goal is increase customers loyalty and always looking for ways to decrease the turnover rate. Customer satisfaction and customer value by encouraging face to face meeting to keep client/customers informed. The internal process is where we will find ways to improve the process. Key Performance Indicator will be set up in difference department so that each department knows how they are performing. And last is the learning and growth of the employees. We will focus on the production employees and Document Control . Training and crossing training is a major area because of all the changes that will forthcoming. Document Control will be overwhelmed with unmeasured changes and will need to be prime and ready for the surplus.ReferencesCustomer Retention Strategy Marketing MO. (n.d.). Retrieved from http//www.marketingmo.com/strategic-planning/customer-retention-strategy/ Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Definition Investopedia. (n.d.).Retrieved October 16, 2014, from http//www.investopedia.com/terms/k/kpi.asp RD EBARA Global Website. (n.d.). Retrieved September 26, 2014, from http//www.ebara.com/global/en/company/rd.html

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Strengthening Community Action Through Community Development Social Work Essay

Strengthening bon ton Action Through Community Development Social Work EssayAlthough the term mandate is frequently used, the availability of high-quality research which demonstrates its success for improving the wellbeing of communities is fairly minimal (Woodall et al. 2010). There is, however, any(prenominal) evidence that tapes that mandate course of instructions can assume to improve outcomes for occasionicipants. For example, in examining the effectiveness of encumbrances u chant confederacy ontogeny begin path, the Migrant imaginativeness vegetable marrow of southernmost Australia, which provides programs that targets particular federation groups, including women, newfangleder muckle, has recorded some(prenominal) promising ability to impact the lives of spring chicken refugees (MRCSA annual overcompensate, 2009). In fact, this essay argues that while residential district development interventions be difficult to measure, the migrant Resource Centre o f southbound Australia has registered significant gains in the playing ara of youth empowerment.This essay ordain highlight the various intervention programs implement by the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia (MRCSA). even so, case study impart way on its youth empowerment component and to evaluate the overall effectiveness of union development nest of the organisation. To achieve this task, the essay is partitioned as follows. The first part will examine the definitions of empowerment. The next section will discuss about federation development as a strategy and a model of consecrate by the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia (MRCSA). The third section discusses the impact and challenges of this intervention. The final part of the essay will evaluate the impact of MRCSAs youth empowerment program among a cast of interventions. compass and definition of the Concept of EmpowermentIn the 1990s the term empowerment began to replace corporation exponentiat ion (Rifkin, 2003). Empowerment according to Rifkin has archetypeually evolved from the idea of lay participation in technical activities to a broader chafe of improving life situations of the poor. This evolution can be traced historically in the areas of policy and in friendship activities. In the policy area, Rifkin proposes that three theoretical constructs can be identified to trace the changing bet of participatory approaches from consensus building to empowerment. These Rafkin offerd correspond to the political and political environment of the time.The historical development of the concept of empowerment helps explain why there is no universally accepted definition of empowerment (Rifkin, 2003). However a number of scholars outlined it as a ferment (McArdle, 1989 Laverack, 2005 Werner, 1988 Kilby, 2002). McArdle (1989) defines empowerment as a process whereby stopping points are made by the people who will wear the consequences of those decisions. Similarly Werner (198 8) and Laverack (2005) describe the concept of empowerment as a process by which people are able to gain or presume power to control over decisions and resources that determine their lives. Moreover, Kilby (2002) describe a process by which disadvantaged people work together to increase control over events that determine their lives. Expansion of individuals choices and actions, primarily in congener to others fundamentally a deracination of power to those who are disempowered.From a public wellness perspective, empowerment involves playing with communities to achieve their goals (Talbot Verrinder, 2005). This implies working with disadvantaged individuals or groups to challenge structural disadvantaged (on the fanny of class, sexual urge, ethnicity or ability) and incline their health in a positive way. The application of the concept into the field of health promotion as outline by Laverack and Labonte (2000) is categorized in two folds the bottom-up programming and the top-d testify programming. The former much associated with the concept of community empowerment begins on issues of concern to particular groups or individuals and regards some improvement in their overall power or capacity as the important health outcome. The later more associated with affection prevention efforts begin by seeking to involve particular groups or individuals in issues and activities largely defined by health agencies and regards improvement in particular behaviours as the important health outcome. Laverack and Labonte (2000) thus viewed community empowerment more instrumentally as a means to the end of health behaviour change. They argue that community empowerment which is defined as a shift towards greater equality in the fond divideings of power is an unavoidable feature of any health promotion efforts.On a much broader racing shell empowerment promotes participation of people, organisations and communities towards the goals of increased individual and commu nity control, political efficacy, improved quality of community life, and kind justice (Wallerstein, 1992). The next section is a case example of how this approach is applied by an part in dealing with question of brotherly inclusion.Community Development A case of Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia (MRCSA)By reviewing the previous definitions of empowerment and examining MRCSAs framework, It is clear that the worker in (MRCSA) understand and lift out empowerment concept similar to which all of McArdle (1989) Laverack (2005) Werner (1988) Kilby (2002) and WHO (1986) do understand and adopt where empowerment is a result of giving people the slump and the opportunity to exercise power and control regarding making decisions that affect their health promoting.In addition, in order to empower migrant people and communities, the (MRCSA) provide and still providing number of interventions bring in on community development model of practice. harmonize to Tesoriero (2010), com munity development is the use of a direct of ongoing structures and processes which enable the community to meet its own packs. Similar to Tesoriero (2010), Community Development is understood and implemented by the (MRCSA) as a multifaceted program of activities that concentrated on supporting the need of in the altogether arrivals and their impudent and emerging communities to understand their rights and obligations, to link into training and workout pathways and to develop networks of support within their topical anesthetic and in the broader community (www.mrcsa.com.au). In fact, The MRCSA has adopted Laverack and Labontes (2000) bottom-up approach in implementing their programs by consult sing and working about with leaders and key representatives of new and emerging communities, including women and preteen people, to support them in gaining the familiarity and skills that they need to bring forward their independence as well as their capacity to support and provide h elp to their members. Moreover, beside community development programs, MRCSA is providing number of womens advocacy programs, youth lead and participation and employment advocacy programs, As well. The programs likewise include Refugee Mens Talk, an initiative supporting men to adapt to their new social environment.To ensure and make haste the participation of new and emerging communities in their topical anaesthetic anaesthetic areas and in regional areas where they settle, or resettle, the program includes local government and regional initiatives. MRCSA believes that new and emerging communities require a place in which to implement their own activities. The organisation provides these through its own community centres and through linkages with other community facilities.Also, Given that community development as an approach require working across divergent spheres, the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia (MRCSA) maintain link with a number of stakeholders. These inclu de the Commonwealth Government, the state of South Australia and the NGO community.(www.mrcsa.com.au). At the level of the Commonwealth Government, the links include segment of Immigration and Citizenship, Centrelink, Employee Advocate, Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and native Affairs and Australia Council for the Arts. At the level of the convey Government the links are Multicultural SA, Department of Health, Department of Families and Communities, Department of Education and Childrens Services, Skills SA, English Language Services TAFE SA, Arts SA, Office for Women, Womens Information Service, Womens Health State Wide, Local Government Association of SA and Be Active. The links within the Non-Government Sector includes Settlement Council of Australia (SCoA), Refugee Council of Australia, Federation of social Communities Councils of Australia (FECCA) LM Training Specialists, SA Council of Social Service (SACOSS), Service to Youth Council (SYC), Working Wo mens Centre, Migrant Womens Support and trying on Service, Youth Affairs Council of SA (YACSA), Anglicare SA, African Communities Council (ACCSA), Middle Eastern Communities Council (MECCSA), Volunteering SA and Northern Territory. Analysing this web of networks from Labontes, (1992) community development continuum, the MRCSAs programs deal with individuals which transcend to small groups, community organisations, coalition advocacy and political action. With this wide array of networks, the organization has been facilitated to maintains a huge amount of social capital and through careful co-ordination, it stands a lot to gain in achieving its primary objectives (Butter et al. 1966)The next section will focus on one of its many programs in the area of youth enhancement.Youth Empowerment classThe Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia (MRCSA) works closely with the leadership and key representatives of its client communities, including women and young people to support them in acquiring the knowledge and skills that they need to further their independence and self-determination, as well as their capacity to assist their members with their settlement and participation (www.mrcsa.com.au)). These goals are achieved through a number of programs including ethnic leaders forum, adult migrant education, community management and leadership forum by way of funding and leadership training. This section focuses on its youth empowerment program with emphasis on the Newly Arrived Youth Settlement Services (NAYS). The primary objective of this program as outlined in the MRCSA Annual Report (2008-2009) is to empower young people to develop their own programs and to call on advocates for themselves, their families and communities.In partnership with TAFE SA, the MRCSA conducted a number of training programs for young people who were not engaged in school or work. Specific training includes Certificate II in Information Technology, Productively Places Program Certificat e II, Volunteering, work experience capacity building, apprentiships and traineeships (MRCSA Annual Report (2008-2009).Through its new arrival human-centred settlement program, the MRCSA has been an advocate and a voice for the inclusion and participation of young people of refugee background (www.mrcsa.com.au). According to the 2010 MRCSA Youth Empowerment Program Annual Report, the program has since 1998 addressed the needs of young people from new and emerging communities in South Australia through a multi-faceted program. The program provides young people with a retch of services that aim to further their resilience, leadership skills and pathways to employment and independence. The MRCSA Youth Empowerment Program for 2008-2009 provided assistance to five-spot hundred and twenty-nine (529) young people of refugee background, most of them recent arrivals to South Australia, to achieve some of their goals (Annual Report 2009-2010). These achievements were base on strong stran dations upon which MRCSA operate. The next section will discuss the guiding principles which form the basis of MRCSAs operations.MRCSA Guiding PrinciplesThe Migrant Resource Centre of South Australias philosophy and approach in working with young people from refugee backgrounds outline a number of guiding principles (Annual Report, 2008-2009). The principles discussed below indicate that MRCSA operates Laverack and Labontes (2000) bottom-up approach of community development. The guiding principles include the followingFirstly, any youth programs, initiatives or activities are shaped and driven by the young people themselves through consultation with their peers. Secondly, young people are encouraged and supported to intercommunicate for themselves to drive their own development the role of the MRCSA is that of mentor and advisor only. Thirdly, the importance of young peoples connection to family and community is recognized, valued and supported. Fourthly, the ethnic, religious and cultural indistinguishability and heritage of young people is affirmed and respected. Fifthly, respect for gender differences and how these impact on the planning and delivery of the youth program. Also, young people are active decision makers. Finally, an action research approach informs continuous service improvement and best practice.These guiding principles are based on the premise that empowerment strategies focus on what people can do to empower themselves and so deflect attention from social issues (Keleher et al. 2007 Keleher, and Murphy, 2004) . However, Labonte (1990) warns that unless national and international trends are taken into account, the decentralization of decision-making may shift from victim blaming of individuals to victimizing powerless communities. In view of such warnings, Wilson et al (1999) suggest that effective primary health care as in the case of public health functions depends on efforts to link local issues to broader social issues. Intersectoral ac tion can be used to promote and achieve luckd goals in a number of other areas, for example policy, research, planning, practice and funding. It may be implemented through a myriad of activities including advocacy, legislation, community projects, and policy and programme action. It may take different forms such as cooperative initiatives, alliances, coalitions or partnerships (Health Canada http//www.hc-sc.gc.ca)What are the Barriers?In achieving their goal of empowering communities, the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia (MRCSA) faces a number of challenging issues.When young refugees arrive in Australia they face a number of challenges. They need to begin a new life, establish new friends and networks and find pathways that link them into mainstream community (MRCSA Annual Report, 2008-2009).Some young people may also be at risk and need to deal with issues just about language, religious identity, grief and loss, the justice system, consumer purification and intergener ational tension (MRCSA Annual Report, 2008-2009). Young people also need ways of dealing with race, racism and their identity (MRCSA Annual Report, 2008-2009).There are fewer opportunities for young women from new and emerging communities to participate in cheer due to the barriers they experience from within playing perioding environments and their own communities (MRCSA Annual Report, 2009). These barriers can be based on cultural, religious, and gender expectations of young women and their roles in their community. The report (MRCSA, 2009) also highlighted other factors affecting young women participation in sports. These include overlook of parental support, perceived fear of racism, lack of knowledge about the structure of sport in Adelaide and high cost of membership and registration fees.On the other hand, community development approach can pose barriers to Public Health Practitioners in a number of ways. Epidemiological, sociological, and mental evidence of the affinity between influence, control, and health, provide a rationale for a community empowerment approach to health education. For example, studies manoeuvre an association between powerlessness (or similarly, learned helplessness, alienation, exploitation) and mental and physical health status. Examining the application of community empowerment approach to health education, Israel (1994) identified a number of limitations and barriers to this approach. Firstly, situations where community members past experiences and normative beliefs result in feelings that they do not arrest influence within the system (powerlessness, quiescence) and hence, they may feel that getting winding in an empowerment intervention would not be worthwhile. Secondly, differences in, for example, social class, race, ethnicity, that often exist between community members and health educators that may impede trust, communication, and collaborative work. Thirdly, role-related tensions and differences that may arise be tween community members and health educators around the issues of values and interests, resources and skills, control, political realities, and rewards. Fourthly, difficulty in assessing/measuring community empowerment and being able to show that change has occurred. Fifthly, the health education profession does not widely understand and value this Approach. Next, risks involved with and effectiveness resistance encountered when challenging the status quo, for the individual, organizations, and community as well as the health educator. Seventhly, the short time-frame expectations of some health educators, their employers, and community members are inconsistent with the sustained effort that this approach requires in terms of long-time committal of financial and personal resources. Finally, the collection and analysis of extensive amounts of both qualitative and quantitative data to be used for action as well as evaluation purposes may be perceived as slowing down the process.Inspi re of these barriers, community development is still relevant to Public Health Practitioners. Epidemiological, sociological, and psychological evidence of the relationship between influence, control, and health, provide a rationale for a community development approach to health education (Israel, 1994). For example, studies show an association between powerlessness (or similarly, learned helplessness, alienation, exploitation) and mental and physical health status (Israel, 1994).The challenges posed by community development approach also extend to the wider arena of state level. The demand on government and competition for resources by professionals is a major obstacle. Similarly, Inter-professional distrust and reluctance to share information also remains a major obstacle. The way in which governments fund departments can be an obstacle to collaboration (Baum, 1993). It is therefore argued that Stability of an organisation and its staff is important for interagency agreements and e stablishing trust (Walker et al. 2000). Walker (2002) further argued that Competition for resources can affect trust and intergroup conflict can occur when there is a lack of adversaries. However, insecurity brought on by political and economic uncertainty can facilitate political coalitions (Weisner, 1983).Overcoming the barriersOvercoming the barriers will require a concerted effort from communities, concerned organisations and government. The Proceedings of 2008 the Conference on Social inclusion for New and Emerging Communities, outline some of the areas that need urgent interventions are discussed below.Racism and discrimination place as a major area of concern, combating discrimination requires coordinated and targeted social inclusion and human right measures. The focus should not be limited to what occurs in a social context (e.g. schoolyard, public places etc.) nevertheless also the systemic racism that supports discrimination, the perpetuation of racial stereotypes, and institutional inclusion e.g. within the justice system, the employment sector and in the blocks to the recognition of overseas qualifications and experience as well as the registration and economic consumption of these.Women and safetyWomen should have the right to feel safe in their homes as well as the broader community, to access culturally appropriate services for themselves and their families (e.g. health, childcare, education etc ), to learn English without it compromising their chances at finding a job and to undertake training that prepares them for work and improve their employment potential.Empowering young peopleThe voices of the diversity of young people rather than a token representative from new and emerging communities must be listened to and view as strong credence in the advance of a national or state framework for social inclusion. Supporting the empowerment and participation of young people as future citizens and leaders of Australia will dispense the country culturally, socially and economically.Base on the above discussion in the case of challenges to MRCSA operations, solutions to barriers could be summarized therein Barriers can be overcome through integrated structures, developing responsibility within structuresSupport of local leaders, developing leadership skills for negotiation and collaboration. Enhancing Regional networks/structures, established processes and relationships are important for collaboration.ConclusionFrom the case studies, it was found that the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia (MRCSA) utilize community mobilization approaches to improve equity of services, suppress institutional barriers within the society, enhance participation in new and emerging communities, strengthen civil society associations and create healthy social policies. The programs demonstrated that opportunities for community voices to be heard had been increased and this had raised community capacity to maximise their needs and creat e change.This study also found that empowerment can have a positive impact on participants self-efficacy, self-esteem, sense of community and sense of control and, in some cases, empowerment can increase individuals knowledge and awareness and lead to behaviour change. These findings were particularly apparent on youth empowerment approaches and those programmes concerning young women.